Passion Gut Check: What Still Resonates?

  When was the last time you did a passion gut-check? Played with what feels good and sense what feels stale? Or, thought about how little time you spend connecting with your passions on a regular basis?   It’s not easy when managing “life” to tap into what lights you up inside. Many times you forget about passion altogether, focusing on the never ending list of responsibilities that need attention.  After a while, the focus and time you spend on practice, play, or exper … [Read more...]

Balancing Passion With Patience as a Creative Entrepreneur

  Most creative entrepreneurs often have more than one thing we would consider a passion.   Some of those passions feed each other as part of our business, others serve as a way for us to go within and tap into our raw fire and pure joy to rejuvenate. This is how we fuel all of the things on life’s to-do list - energized by the flow to help keep everything moving along.   We also feel comfortable taking creative risks. It’s part of our DNA, in a way. We understand th … [Read more...]

Focus Before Fire Turns Creativity into an Unstoppable Force

  There is no denying that creativity is a force that runs on passion and inspiration, two energies that can be hard to focus. Taking these two aspects and transforming them into something that can live in the 3D world is a true magical act, like turning water into wine. It's part of why our creative abilities can be so mysterious - even to ourselves!    Each project, concept, collaboration, hobby, personal connection or idea scribbled into the margins of a journal is a … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Stop Looking for Proof of Your Creative Chops

People always enjoy a good origin story around how we've earned our creative chops. It's a way to connect, compare or anchor in a sense of belonging with each other.   From a different perspective, creative chops act as a barometer and measure of our uniqueness; proof we are special and matter.   Yet, when we place these perspectives aside, how do we define legit creative chops? Is it an action, way of thinking or skill set? Is it a mysterious blend of natural talent, … [Read more...]

Why I Look for the Creative Potential in Everything

  Creative potential is one of my biggest motivators. Seeing the possibilities of what something can be is not only a passion, it’s just how I process the world and connections I make in it.   For me, the ultimate act of truly “being” is to create. It’s an active as well as a passive state. You can create a delicious breakfast for yourself or the people you love, expressing yourself through cooking, or you can create a state of inner wellness by simply sitting in peace and quie … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Get “Meta” to Re-ignite Passion for a Long-Term Goal

  When an idea, experience or person sparks your creativity, it can feel like your whole soul lights up from the inside out. The dots start naturally connecting in your mind and heart. The way you see the world feels alive, colorful and open to possibility, and inspiration leads to creative action. As you walk through your personal creative process you find a natural rhythm and you intuitively find your pace.   For small, one-and-done projects, it’s easy to hit all of the s … [Read more...]

Managing Demands on your Creative Time

  It’s no secret that life requires you to manage demands on your creative time. Projects take longer than expected, plans go sideways and people change their minds and hearts- which means you need to expand and contract with the creative flow of the present moment.   While this sounds reasonable from the mind’s point of view, it doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled have an emotional reaction to sudden changes, or the right to get frustrated when people keep demanding more than you … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Release Romanticized Versions of your Creative Self

  Part of growing into a more evolved expression of your creative self is knowing when to release what’s no longer needed from the versions that have come before. While bits and pieces of your creative identity always build on each other to shape who you are now, it’s easy to have a bit of “selective memory” and romanticize what could have been - had you stuck to old dreams and plans.   This can keep you stuck in an energetic loop of riding the waves of the past, holding onto “ … [Read more...]

Why I Do What I Do and My Path to Creative Freedom

  To have true creative freedom means knowing who you are at your core, and that’s a journey - not a destination. In the spirit of creativity and sharing more of it in the world, here’s a little insight on Why I Do What I Do at this moment in my life. Many thanks to Carrie Brummer of Artist Think and her invitation to join this blog chain featuring creatives and their call to walk the path that has no speed limits or paved roads.   In my heart, I’ve been a writer since the age … [Read more...]

Want to Shake your Inner Hunger? Stop Ignoring Creative Guidance

  Creative guidance is a key part of a daily healthy diet, just like food and water. It’s a slow drip that trickles through all five senses as you go about your day, sharing little nudges during a grocery run, gym workout or while scrubbing the last bits of unidentifiable crust from your soup pot.   Even if it doesn't feel like anything earth-shattering is happening, your creative guidance is present, tuned in and flowing along just under the surface. Are you listening, open t … [Read more...]