Change and Creative Realignment

  Change waits for no one - which is a very dramatic way of saying it’s a powerful catalyst in sparking the need for a little creative realignment.   The spark of change can feel…   Intense, frustrating and unfair - even terrifying when it’s forced upon you,   or...   Scary, overwhelming and intimidating when you are in charge of making the change for yourself.   However change comes into your life, it’s impact requires you do a bit o … [Read more...]

Want to Shake your Inner Hunger? Stop Ignoring Creative Guidance

  Creative guidance is a key part of a daily healthy diet, just like food and water. It’s a slow drip that trickles through all five senses as you go about your day, sharing little nudges during a grocery run, gym workout or while scrubbing the last bits of unidentifiable crust from your soup pot.   Even if it doesn't feel like anything earth-shattering is happening, your creative guidance is present, tuned in and flowing along just under the surface. Are you listening, open t … [Read more...]

Blending a Creative Pause into your Lifestyle

A creative pause is very powerful as a little sweet spot between meditation and action. It’s a time when you willingly take a break from all your activities, routines and planning to enjoy a little treat with no agenda. It can be something you do once a day, once a week or however often you allow in an absence of focus (without guilt), enabling your heart and mind to wander aimlessly to new places and daydreams.   While meditation is often a focused time where you try to limit the i … [Read more...]

Trying to Measure your Creative Worthiness? Stop It!

    Creative worthiness is something you are born with and doesn't need to look a certain way to be appreciated or valuable. But what happens when your creative expression is part of how you make a living? It can be a slippery slope of following your inspiration and balancing it with practical business goals.   This reality puts your creative worthiness under a bit of a microscope, right? The extra pressure and expectations that rise up when a creative project … [Read more...]

Stress and Creative Genius: The Playful Art of Push and Pull

  Stress can inspire creative genius, especially when you are pushed into a corner and have to figure something out in a flash. This high-octane approach can work in small doses when it creeps up on you (see procrastination) but it’s not the best solution for long-term creative inspiration. Stress is especially challenging for sensitive folks, who quickly get burnt out and take a while to recover a sense of balance to get back in sync. I believe there can be a balance between these t … [Read more...]

Are you Creating Boundaries or Self-Imposed Limitations?

As someone who used to have very thin boundaries and lot’s of self-imposed limitations, these two heavy hitters often get confused more often than you think. Word-wise the difference seems obvious. Boundaries are defined as self-protective, and limitations are defined as rules and restrictions. Whether you jump into creating a boundary or a limitation as a reflex is determined in those powerful moments when you sense things are getting uncomfortable, or as if your reputation and value may be o … [Read more...]

How your Values Impact your Creative Drive

Creativity starts with a spark of inspiration, but a spark is just a spark unless your creative drive kicks in to put energy and motivation behind an idea to take it further. What fuels the creative drive? A sense of intrinsic value and purpose, something that you may not even realize is operating behind the scenes and impacting your creative view. So when is the last time you even thought about what you value or how you came to value it? It might be time to tune-up those filters and … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Create a Brag Book

This week’s creativity kick-start is all about supporting your own creative mojo with a little self-made brag book. When feeling stuck or blocked, it can be hard to remember your successes or all the little ways others remind you of your talents and gifts. A brag book is a very effective inspirational tool to call on when you feel your spark is missing. It helps reopen your eyes to see the creative truth of your abilities way beyond the blank canvas. Putting Together your Brag Book to K … [Read more...]

Creativity or Guilt, Which One is Winning?

It’s easy to say you want to spend time on your creativity and expand into a more playful, creative life. When it comes to actually doing it, there are a host of reasons that easily turn into excuses and then obstacles -- especially once the mind digs in. The most common distraction? Guilt. One thing the mind is great at creating all day long are ways to make you feel guilty. Do any of these statements sound familiar? So much to do...who has time for creativity? No space to do my c … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start

When I was brainstorming new ways to support my readers in 2014, I started out by thinking about where people get stuck most when attempting to connect with their inner creative spark.  The simple answer? The biggest challenge is being able to tap into, utilize and share our natural creative talents as part of every day life. Creativity is not a "special sauce" you take out of the cupboard once and a while when you need to kick-ass on a project or impress someone. It's a natural part of every … [Read more...]