Why I Look for the Creative Potential in Everything

  Creative potential is one of my biggest motivators. Seeing the possibilities of what something can be is not only a passion, it’s just how I process the world and connections I make in it.   For me, the ultimate act of truly “being” is to create. It’s an active as well as a passive state. You can create a delicious breakfast for yourself or the people you love, expressing yourself through cooking, or you can create a state of inner wellness by simply sitting in peace and quie … [Read more...]

Playing with Creative Crossover Between Ideas

Are you good at seeing the creative crossover between your ideas? Or do you always start from scratch, brainstorming something completely new and innovative while scraps of paper ripe with potential are scattered on your desk, stuffed into a drawer or left in an “ideas file”?   If you are looking for a good way to forget your creative inspirations exist and bury their potential, keep on collecting them like museum pieces. This is one of the most common ways great ideas lose steam. The … [Read more...]