Why I Do What I Do and My Path to Creative Freedom

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To have true creative freedom means knowing who you are at your core, and that’s a journey – not a destination. In the spirit of creativity and sharing more of it in the world, here’s a little insight on Why I Do What I Do at this moment in my life. Many thanks to Carrie Brummer of Artist Think and her invitation to join this blog chain featuring creatives and their call to walk the path that has no speed limits or paved roads.


In my heart, I’ve been a writer since the age of 10. It came easily, flowed through me from a source I couldn’t see and felt as natural as brushing my teeth. Yet, the real writer inside wasn’t just putting words on the page. The act of writing was a way for me to share how I saw the world around me, how I saw the truth and immense beauty in the people and experiences crossing through my life. It was also a way to use other abilities I didn’t realize are actually part of but also separate from the act of writing itself like, deep listening.


As I grew up and became college bound, the practical world came a-calling. So I modeled the folks around me and found a practical use for writing in the context of business. But as I worked for others, then struck out on my own, I started to realize there was more going on than deep inner listening and writing words that sounded as if I was living in the heads and hearts of my clients.


Along the way I turned my abilities for intuitive insight, clairvoyance, empathic resonance and wordsmithing into a gift that helped others to see too, to see themselves in the words I created for them.  Aside from the fact that people pay money for someone to craft the “right” words for various uses, my writing was something bigger. It was a way for me to support others by revealing the gifts within them they don’t always see or honor – and share my creative gifts at the same time.


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Moving Beyond the Practical to Focus on the Inward Journey of my Own 


As the years went by and I wrote for other people, I started to notice how I was seriously lacking a voice of my own. I could jump in and craft words that worked for what others needed, but struggled with putting together words that didn’t have a purpose to them – to sell, market, promote or make someone else look good. In the course of my career development, I had beefed up the “practical” side of my skills and left behind the soul development of my creative gifts – especially my empathic and intuitive ones.


In some ways, I put my creative desires aside for practical reasons and used my gifts to support others, thinking I didn’t deserve anything for myself. Yet, the truth was that I simply wasn’t sure how to tune into what I wanted unless it was being in service to another, or sure how to ask for or receive personal creative insight for myself with a whole heart.


When I finally broke off the long-term relationship that led me to Colorado, I began to notice an interesting behavior trait I’d developed over time. I was giving away all of my creative energy and essence to connections that had become very imbalanced. That’s when I realized my life path is really about reconnecting with my true creative self, because somehow my creative value had gotten tangled up in “shoulds” and other people’s needs or expectations.


Ten years ago the connection to my own creative voice was barely a whisper. It’s now my passion to consistently find ways to connect to that flow on a daily basis and help others to do the same. The creative freedom you give yourself by simply honoring your gifts in some small way each day is the crack in the door to so much more, but most importantly, it’s a way to truly honor the essence of who you are. And THAT is the true source of creativity.




Spreading My Own Wings All the Way 


There’s a sense of connection I feel when I write my blog and help others with their writing or personal development journey that’s unlike anything else. It touches a part deep inside my soul, the part that is a teacher, Reiki Master and healer, mentor, creative soul and self-censoring survivor.


My writing is tied with my intuitive and empathic gifts – but it’s not the only way I can express them. When I was younger I didn’t understand that, or the power of what I was using. Now I’m finally able to see how all the dots connect in a much bigger way, so I can help guide others through the deep work, to move past the blocks and connect to their true creative, uncensored self.


The tools I use – writing, editing and intuitively connecting with others to free the true voice inside are all part of my passion for the exploratory process along the creative journey. I love helping others find their own tools, discover mind and heart-opening insights and establish a practice to dive in deep and see their creative truth, then express it freely in all they do. It’s a beautiful thing to witness!

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Now to pass along this blog baton to the next round of creative souls who are ready to share “Why They Do What They Do”…

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Margherita Crystal Lotus



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Julie Coraccio

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