Balancing Passion With Patience as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Most creative entrepreneurs often have more than one thing we would consider a passion.


Some of those passions feed each other as part of our business, others serve as a way for us to go within and tap into our raw fire and pure joy to rejuvenate. This is how we fuel all of the things on life’s to-do list – energized by the flow to help keep everything moving along.


We also feel comfortable taking creative risks. It’s part of our DNA, in a way. We understand that we need to believe in ourselves and vision – especially when it comes to creating something that does not exist in the mainstream. It requires faith in ourselves and a strong belief that what we want to create is possible, no matter what.


This inner strength trait drives us to keep going toward the vision we have constructed in our heart. Seeing and believing HOW it can all come together and flow with ease is just as much part of the creative process as crafting the idea or business project itself.


However, what many creative entrepreneurs can forget at times, is that our time table is not the universe’s time table.


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In these situations, we have to learn ways to balance passion with patience in order to allow projects to thrive with the optimal amount of push and natural flow. We must also be patient with circumstances that are out of our control, especially when it throws curve balls into the beautiful vision we see so clearly in our mind.


The truth is, there is no easy way to prepare for patience, because it’s a practice. We learn through circumstances that put us in a position where we have no choice but to adapt.


Sometimes that means putting something on hold longer than we would like, other times it’s keeping the “practical” gig to build a bigger cushion while we wait for better timing and resources. It can also include “going back to basics” to cut out expenses or rethink our approach to something altogether.


Yes, experiences like this can be disappointing. Of course it can feel like we are hitting an invisible wall that keeps us at arms-length of our dream, or make us believe we are moving backwards.


And even if it might not seem like it, we have choices. The biggest one? Self-care and mindset.


Passion is fiery, and the need to be patient can feel like it’s building a big, old soggy rainstorm right one top of it, making is fizzle and wane.


So spend a little time being bummed, have a cookie, (or a meditation session), then regroup. Use that creative entrepreneurial spirit to re-strategize and open to new possibilities. Take time to get clear on what is possible now, without thinking a situation or circumstance will last forever. Then remember that the whole journey is a creative adventure, not just the destination, and detours are part of the deal.


The more we are willing to look at a hurdle as temporary and flexible, the easier it is to call on our inherent creative traits to find solutions or new pathways that work. It’s also empowering to build up those “patience muscles”. With practice comes confidence plus patience, helping us to stay grounded, clear, and trusting everything will be OK, bit by bit, as we move forward.


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