Creativity Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, Content Consulting  


I act as an intuitive guide and mentor to coach you along the path of self-discovery, self-healing and inner transformation. In our work together, I provide tools, insights and guidance to help you connect with your true nature and passions, clear out the mental and emotional clutter, and create a life led by intuition and inspiration that’s also rooted in reality.

Below are specific ways I help you connect to the truth of who you are, find clarity in mind body and spirit, build confidence and heal creative, mental and spiritual blocks. I can also help you co-create content that reflects the real you and coaxes out your true voice for use in your personal life or business.



Creativity Coaching and Intuitive Guidance 


To help clients push through creative blocks, navigate life transitions and heal themselves, I offer creativity coaching, intuitive guidance sessions and self-growth support.


I support you by: 

  • Sharing clear intuitive guidance on what do to right now to help get you “unstuck”
  • Bringing attention to recurring patterns and helping you move past them
  • Guiding you through a simple process to help you tap into your intuition and step into your truth
  • Offering tips on how to seed and feed creative ideas and bring them into your life and/or business
  • Helping you awaken to who you are, acknowledge and embrace your true self to step in your power as a creator


Content Consulting 

I offer content strategy and editing services in addition to coaching for writing and blogging. 


I help you: 

  • Get clear on content needs for your business
  • Generate a content strategy for your website, blog or other online content
  • Brainstorm ideas and business strategies and bring them to reality in a simple, practical way
  • Edit content to market your unique skills, classes or products


To hire me as your “content shape-shifter” for content strategy or editing, or to set up a coaching session for writing or blogging, please schedule time with me using the tab below or send me a contact form.