View Creative Challenges as Opportunities to Find Intuitive Solutions and Healing

  It’s inherently human to strive to solve creative challenges. The discomfort, fear, irritation and “not knowing” energy drives you to find answers to what you see as “problems.”   But what if those "problems" are the key to you understanding yourself on a deeper level, as well as the key to unlocking the creative gifts hiding on the other side? In other words, what if they aren’t problems at all, but opportunities to expand into deeper emotional intelligenc … [Read more...]

Want to Shake your Inner Hunger? Stop Ignoring Creative Guidance

  Creative guidance is a key part of a daily healthy diet, just like food and water. It’s a slow drip that trickles through all five senses as you go about your day, sharing little nudges during a grocery run, gym workout or while scrubbing the last bits of unidentifiable crust from your soup pot.   Even if it doesn't feel like anything earth-shattering is happening, your creative guidance is present, tuned in and flowing along just under the surface. Are you listening, open t … [Read more...]

What’s your Spiritual MO?

For people who may not know me, I’m as much of a spiritual "woo woo" person as I am a left-brained, logical entrepreneur and business person. And as a communicator by heart and trade, I’m always fascinated with how people connect with their own idea of spirituality. How do they nurture it, seek it, grow it -- decide their own individual path? What role does it play, if any? The topic of spirituality connects and polarizes because it’s such an important part of how people define themselves -- … [Read more...]