Why It’s Time to Embrace the Unsexy Parts of Self-Expression and Creativity

  A flash of insight, the burning desire to create and an outpouring of deep, honest self-expression are definitely part of the creative process.   Also part of creativity...long hours, doubt, frustration, mundane tasks, starting over and feeling like you don’t know your own voice. This is not a bad thing, it’s just not...sexy. It's so much easier to live in the dreamy part of your vision!   Yet, embracing the unsexy parts of self-expression leads to more honest cre … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Forgiveness and Creative Choices

Creative choices can carry a lot of emotional weight. Some of them are the pivotal, life-changing choices you remember because they highlight the ways you decided to honor your true self or turn away from what you really wanted to create in order to play it safe, avoid confrontation or out of sheer fear of success.   Creative choices are also easy to romanticize; to dig into and exploit the inherent emotional trigger points that allow you to celebrate or judge yourself over and over … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Release Romanticized Versions of your Creative Self

  Part of growing into a more evolved expression of your creative self is knowing when to release what’s no longer needed from the versions that have come before. While bits and pieces of your creative identity always build on each other to shape who you are now, it’s easy to have a bit of “selective memory” and romanticize what could have been - had you stuck to old dreams and plans.   This can keep you stuck in an energetic loop of riding the waves of the past, holding onto “ … [Read more...]

Creativity Tourist Trap, a Crafty Mind Trick

  Creative flow leads you towards inspiration through feeling and intuition, but when the mind parks you at the same pit-stop for a while, you may actually be stuck in a creativity tourist-trap.   The place looks great and feels fun, but is actually serving as a distraction. The scenery and activities, while familiar in a comforting way, aren't motivating or inspiring you to actually do anything that feeds or expands your creative fire.   And yes, a pause is just as … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep Creative Faith When your Path Suddenly Changes

  Creative faith is like a superpower that grows stronger with self awareness and trust. The more trust you put into the validity of the impulses effortlessly flowing through you, the more confident and clear you stand in your creative faith.   But what happens when life explodes in unexpected ways ? What do you do when plans derail from the train track you’ve carefully crafted, people unexpectedly leave, or life passions seem impossible due to a sudden change in c … [Read more...]

Why it’s Important to Connect the Dots of Passion Along the Creative Path

  When you throw together all of your life experiences, relationships and passing interests that led to nothing but detours, you are just scraping the surface of what shapes your creative path. Is this mind blowing? Not really, but it's pretty amazing if you think about how each of aspect has looped towards, away from and over each other to bring you to the present moment.   So, having gotten this far on your winding creative path, can you take the viewpoint of a hawk, high on … [Read more...]