Creative Fog is Natural and Necessary to Ignite Genuine Self-Expression

  Creative fog happens to everyone sooner or later.   It can feel like a spacey, fuzzy vibe that triggers the sensation of being ungrounded or floaty. Creative fog can also make us confused about what’s important, or unclear about what we feel inspired to create.   Sometimes we get locked into this smoky, hazy space by trying to mentally push our way through. We may also unknowingly pile on harsh self-talk, self-judgment, or experience anxiety or mood swings as our i … [Read more...]

Tuning into Creative Awakening as a Way of Being

  This week my family is visiting  from the east coast and I'm taking some time off to reconnect with them, replenish my spirit and continue my own creative awakening.   In lieu of writing something of my own, I want to share a part of a post that not only resonated with me but also reflects what I often echo in my blog about creative awakening as a life process, evolution and a way of becoming your true self.   I'll be back next Thursday to reconnect with all of … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Rate the State of your Inner Creative Space

  Bringing a creative spark into reality and flowing with your inspiration is so much easier when your inner creative space is healthy. Yet, so many of us carry around old hurts or fears as silent wounds that limit us from taking risks or dreaming big.   Just like clutter collects in a physical space, it’s easy to let things like embarrassment, frustration or disappointment collect in the nooks and crannies of your thoughts. When your mind and heart are plugged up by ghosts or … [Read more...]

Waiting for Someone Else to Validate your Creativity?

Creativity is such a personal thing, a unique, individual expression of your deepest self shaped by life experiences, desires, hidden patterns and areas of healing. It’s this personal self-discovery process through creative acts that builds you up, tunes the creative voice and exposes your soft spots, showing you where the biggest areas of growth and joy can be found as you explore your path.   So in this very personal process, why do we often look for others to validate our creative w … [Read more...]

Creativity Tourist Trap, a Crafty Mind Trick

  Creative flow leads you towards inspiration through feeling and intuition, but when the mind parks you at the same pit-stop for a while, you may actually be stuck in a creativity tourist-trap.   The place looks great and feels fun, but is actually serving as a distraction. The scenery and activities, while familiar in a comforting way, aren't motivating or inspiring you to actually do anything that feeds or expands your creative fire.   And yes, a pause is just as … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Write Down Top 5 Wishes Each Week

  Wishes are a fun, free way to engage your creativity and brainstorming fairy dust. They bring out the child in you who believes anything is possible, and knows something magical can happen at any moment. And that child is a good creative ally to have around!   Wishes are also an invitation to remove yourself from what you already know, and expand into how it feels to ponder the unknown without being fearful or specific about the “how”. All you need to do is show up and start … [Read more...]

Want to Shake your Inner Hunger? Stop Ignoring Creative Guidance

  Creative guidance is a key part of a daily healthy diet, just like food and water. It’s a slow drip that trickles through all five senses as you go about your day, sharing little nudges during a grocery run, gym workout or while scrubbing the last bits of unidentifiable crust from your soup pot.   Even if it doesn't feel like anything earth-shattering is happening, your creative guidance is present, tuned in and flowing along just under the surface. Are you listening, open t … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Change a Part of your Routine

A routine can be a double-edged sword at times. While it helps you focus creative energy and sustain momentum, it can also stall your creative flow when the routine never changes.   If you’ve hit a wall and aren’t exactly sure when it started, why not mix things up and change part of how you approach the work day, personal time or relationships with others?   Small, Mindful Changes Stretch into Big Awareness Huge sweeping changes may sound appealing when you want to shake loose anno … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Change Up your Creative Zone

  A creative zone can become as stale as anything else in life when it never changes. Routines and rules, while comfy, block out new stimuli that offer the extra fire you need to shake things up and create from a fresh point of view. The desire to stay in the same old patterns may also signal a little fear that can easily stay hidden for ages under well-worn grooves of familiarity.   If life isn’t already calling (or shoving) you towards some big creative changes in your life o … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: What is your Go To Creative Fuel?

Creative fuel is the juice that keeps creative expression flowing. It’s how you stay motivated, inspired and curious about the world around you. The more easily accessible the creative fuel, the more available you are to embrace the little creative opportunities life sends your way.   So how do you keep your creative fuel tank filled and ready to go? Even more important, do you know when it’s time to rest and back-off so your body and mind can have a little recovery time … [Read more...]