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Here’s my show and tell! If you want to see where I’m published beyond this website, and the fun ways I share my passion for creativity and mindfulness, here you go:


  • Had so much fun presenting to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators about Busting Through Creative Blocks. The audience was great, asked helpful questions, and was happy to share personal insights and fears with fellow creatives to help elevate the creative experience for all. Here’s a photo of part of the crowd from the September 2018 presentation. Interested in hiring me to do a talk for your organization? Please use my contact form to connect with me and share the details. 


busting through creative blocks, creative katrina, creativity, fort collins chapter of the society of children's book authors and illustrators


  • Connecting with Jade Inspiration was a great experience, and it was a treat be a guest on her Right on Baby Podcast. We talked about Cures for Creative Blocks and 3 simple step process to help you move through them, no matter the cause. Jade is such a lively creative spark herself, and it was a real treat spending time with her. Be sure to check out other episodes too – she has fantastic guests!


  •  Engel Jones, a podcaster and all around fantastic person is such a treat to know, and I’m grateful he’s part of my circle of creative connections. In 2017, Engel had a goal of interviewing podcasters to find out more about what drives their creative passion and desire to, well, podcast. He was a delight and I feel so happy to have connected with another person who is passionate about following his creative vision in so many ways. Here’s the interview if you would like to give it a listen


  • As a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman  for all of 2017, I got to share my creative passions and expertise. My specific area of focus was creativity, self-discovery, and personal transformation. Read my monthly articles here


  • In the fall of 2017, I was part of a creative team for the 48 hour film festival in Fort Collins. Not only was this creative experience unlike anything I’ve ever done, our short film won first place! It was my first time working with a collaborative writing team, as a producer, and as a creative coach on a movie project. 


  • It was so fun being a guest on Clearing the Clutter Inside and Out. You can check out the podcast as we talk about how clutter hampers creativity. Episode 66.


An honor to be included as a contributing author and share my insights on how to bring more creativity into your brainstorming and work.




For more details on my specific work history, please see my profile on LinkedIn. 


Other Places you Can Catch my Writing 


Previous clients include IBM, Allegro Coffee, and a variety of small to mid-size businesses nationwide. I currently write about creativity, content strategy, and digital marketing for Kapost. Here are some samples: 


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Additional articles from a mix of publications: 

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A list of health and wellness articles written for BellaSpark Magazine, now known as Regenerate. 


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Show: Thinking Out Loud (co-host) 


Episode Samples:

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