Why I Look for the Creative Potential in Everything



Creative potential is one of my biggest motivators. Seeing the possibilities of what something can be is not only a passion, it’s just how I process the world and connections I make in it.


For me, the ultimate act of truly “being” is to create. It’s an active as well as a passive state. You can create a delicious breakfast for yourself or the people you love, expressing yourself through cooking, or you can create a state of inner wellness by simply sitting in peace and quiet.


These are not big ideas that take months to brainstorm, prepare and make – they are simple, everyday acts of creation that brighten your day or someone else’s.


When I Look for the creative potential in everything, I’m able to…


Activate my Imagination

When I look at the creative potential in something or someone I’m able to activate my imagination and fire up my passion. These little flashes in my minds eye inspire me to go deeper and explore and create, or show me that a certain path simply ends with entertainment of the idea. Either way, I engage some essential parts of creativity – imagination and passion.


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Open my Heart

Looking for the creative potential in everything also keeps me open hearted. I explore before I decide, I entertain before I close the door. By not ruling anything out right away, I can expand my connections and insights. I can also fulfill desires I didn’t know I had until I met the right people, or when I walked into an opportunity by sheer luck.


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Practice Gratitude for my Choices, However they Turn Out

While following my inner guidance in this way can sometimes take me towards a dead end, it doesn’t mean I didn’t learn an essential piece of insight or gather what I really needed to reach the next step in life. Knowing what I no longer want to do is even more important than knowing what I’m willing to do, and that only comes through trial and error while testing creative potential – and being grateful along the way.


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Engage with my Inner Creative Explorer

I could chalk up my approach to creativity as the personal explorer in me, to the entrepreneurial spirit that likes a challenge and enjoys the “newness” of things. It’s definitely part of the story. The other chapters in the story are about my inner sight and desire to paint an ever-changing picture through a mindful practice. When I can be present and soak in details, really listen to the nuances of a situation or exchange, I intuit so much more than if I was just using one of my senses at a time. The inner creative explorer helps me listen to my intuitive hits more deeply because I’m on an adventure rather than fulfilling a routine.


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Honor the Art of Being Present

Doing my best to be fully present, even when I’m being challenged, allows me to see true opportunity in all directions rather than getting stuck in a specific way of thinking, or seeing my whole life through a filter of past experiences. It also allows me to tune into patterns and bring them up for healing.


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The most exciting part of looking at things through the eyes of creative potential is that I can see the true, raw creative spark in others that they can’t always see in themselves. When you are feeling boxed in or limited, you don’t see your gifts, abilities or the big picture – even though it’s always there. I absolutely love mirroring it back to people what I always see – all the raw creative potential they are holding within themselves at every moment. This reflection is what makes me happiest of all.


How do you listen to and connect with the creative potential in your life? How do you know when something is calling you to activate your imagination and explore?
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