Want to Shake your Inner Hunger? Stop Ignoring Creative Guidance

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Creative guidance is a key part of a daily healthy diet, just like food and water. It’s a slow drip that trickles through all five senses as you go about your day, sharing little nudges during a grocery run, gym workout or while scrubbing the last bits of unidentifiable crust from your soup pot.


Even if it doesn’t feel like anything earth-shattering is happening, your creative guidance is present, tuned in and flowing along just under the surface. Are you listening, open to what you hear and feel? Or do you often sense a twinge of inner hunger as you drift off the sleep, wondering why a jam-packed waking life doesn’t soothe the calling your heart?


Understand There’s Nothing to “Fix” About Yourself – It’s Simply an Invitation to Practice Listening to Creative Guidance


This feeling is not a warning sign urging you to snap into “self-repair mode” – it’s actually your creative inner guidance working it’s natural magic. The imbalance you sense, even if you can’t identify the source, lets you know the hunger pangs are not a roadblock but a guide attempting to connect you with your deepest passions and natural self expression.


When you willingly take away the self-imposed distractions and half-functional relationships that crowd your creative space, the only thing left to commit to is the “nothingness”. This is where you finally allow yourself the room to listen to the one real thing – the truth of your creative inner guidance.


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Expect Nothing, Gain Everything


When it comes to creative insight, it’s natural to expect a flash of brilliance followed by an instant impulse to create. It’s how characters in books choose to follow (or not follow) their creative guidance, or people in movies advance the plot of their lives on film, right?


Flash-bang insight is more the exception than the norm, but it’s what people have been trained to expect as “true creative guidance”. Yet, it’s the little daily nudges that are most powerful, acting as an invitation to understand and connect with the subtle communication tools of your one-of-a-kind guidance system.


Creative insights can come through as belly flutters, tingles, an energy rush, a strong sense of inner clarity or an endless list of sensation combinations. The more you practice being open to what all these sensations tell you throughout the day, the easier it is to follow your inner hunger to connect with your deepest creative desires and fulfill them.


Dancing between possibilities while being led by your passion is the ultimate expression of creative play, and starts with trusting the little flutters and twinges of your creative guidance. Drop expectations that limit creativity and stay curious about where your hunger leads you next!

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