Balancing Passion With Patience as a Creative Entrepreneur

  Most creative entrepreneurs often have more than one thing we would consider a passion.   Some of those passions feed each other as part of our business, others serve as a way for us to go within and tap into our raw fire and pure joy to rejuvenate. This is how we fuel all of the things on life’s to-do list - energized by the flow to help keep everything moving along.   We also feel comfortable taking creative risks. It’s part of our DNA, in a way. We understand th … [Read more...]

Desires, Soul Callings and How Time and Timing Shapes Them

Do you listen to your desires and soul callings? I mean really listen to their texture and nuances?   What do they feel, smell and sound like? Can you see yourself acting on them, or are they simply a fantasy to play with when you are bored?   Do you feel there is a right time for them, and trust you will know when that time is?   The really cool part about desires and soul callings is that they serve as option placeholders. They are a way to express yourself, … [Read more...]

Waiting for Someone Else to Validate your Creativity?

Creativity is such a personal thing, a unique, individual expression of your deepest self shaped by life experiences, desires, hidden patterns and areas of healing. It’s this personal self-discovery process through creative acts that builds you up, tunes the creative voice and exposes your soft spots, showing you where the biggest areas of growth and joy can be found as you explore your path.   So in this very personal process, why do we often look for others to validate our creative w … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Review Old Ideas to Spark New Inspiration

  Inspiration is a beautiful, mysterious gift. It’s an unpredictable, illuminating and altogether tingly experience that sneaks up on you in interesting ways. While inspiration catches your eye and motivates your heart in the moment, what happens to that insight beyond the moment?   Some ideas catch on fire right away and have a mind of their own.   Other ideas stall, become frustrating or soon feel sticky or clunky, along with your creative drive.   It’s … [Read more...]