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Creative Mastermind Host: Creative Katrina 

Creative and Content Consultant, Strategist, Writer, Editor, Podcaster


The Creative Mastermind Online sessions are designed to facilitate inspiration, business and marketing solutions, goal setting, access to resources, gentle accountability, feedback, and community knowledge sharing. The group environment helps address and support your unique needs as a creative and entrepreneur at both a local and national level. We also cover specific tools for business-related challenges and workflow, and brainstorm innovative solutions to creative and small business problems.


As a member, you get to focus on your creative strengths, move past blocks, stay accountable to dreams and goals, and craft a business and/or a creative process that works for the life you want. It’s why I founded the Creative Mastermind – to facilitate a network of entrepreneurs and small business owners and provide ways to help them identify obstacles, find creative solutions, and support a path of personal growth and success, together.


Benefits of the Creative Mastermind Online 


The Creative Mastermind Online offers a safe space for group support and a variety of benefits: 


  • Turn frustration and confusion into clarity and action
  • Create and reach key goals
  • Receive feedback and accountability
  • Take projects from stalled to complete
  • Transform self-doubt to confidence
  • Break free from limitation and step into creative freedom


Fall 2019 Creative Mastermind Online



Each week we focus on a core topic as it relates to creativity, work processes, business, and personal development. The final week is a wrap-up or a speaker. Sessions include an introduction of a relevant topic from me, as well as insight on how to use it to support or improve your mindset, kick-start creative expression, improve business growth, shift perspective and talk about aspects of the creative entrepreneurial life.


The details: 


  • Groups meet weekly for 1 hour starting at noon MST to support each other in moving forward with projects and key milestones.


  • Each meeting includes tips on productivity, mindset, business and creative tools, mindfulness, and how to stay motivated and goal focused while doing the “grunt work”.


  • Personalized homework is part of each session to help you work through a challenge or meet a specific goal.


  • Weekly round robin to offer each group member an opportunity to share insights, challenges, or advice.


  • In -person groups have a maximum of 7 people, and online groups a maximum of 4.


  • Cost is $60, and breaks down to $15 per session


  • Online sessions are hosted via a free online cloud-based classroom on Fridays.


  • Creative Mastermind groups run for a total of 4 weeks, at which time participants can continue and/or new members can join.


Creative Mastermind Pricing and Enrollment: 




1. Please choose Creative Mastermind Online.


2.  Click on the first Friday of the month to enroll. This will ensure you are enrolling in the proper month and for all sessions during that month.


3.  A day and time will appear on the right hand side. Click on it. It will automatically request your contact information. Please fill it out to get to the next step.


4. Once contact information is completed, hit submit, and it will take you to the payment gateway to complete payment for the class.


Please note that payment counts as enrollment. If you have any problems with online payment or have questions, please reach out to me through my contact form. 


***If you have arrived here mid-month, please come back to check for the next series of dates towards the end of the month when I create and post new sessions. 


Who is the Creative Mastermind For?


Creatives, creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people working on personal creative projects. Detailed list below.


creativity, creative mastermind, creative katrina, creative entrepreneur, inspiration, motivation

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Creative Mastermind Participants


Quick list of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are part of the Creative Mastermind community:

  • Writers, Authors, Ghost writers, Poets, Scriptwriters 
  • Designers, Web designers, Illustrators and cartoonists, Interior designers, Graphic artists
  • Photographers, Videographers, Filmmakers 
  • Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Podcasters
  • Painters, Actors and actresses, Stylists, Jewelry makers

and more!


creativity, creative mastermind, creative entrepreneurs, creatives, inspiration, motivation

Image by Darren Squashic



Testimonials – Creative Mastermind Attendees: 


“I can’t really think of a better way to gather a group of people at various stages of creative entrepreneurship and make sure they all get something out of it. Our class consisted of people who had been running their businesses for years, as well as people who hadn’t even started yet, and I truly think it was valuable for everyone. Katrina has a brilliant way of personalizing the class experience for each participant by assigning tasks and “homework” specific to what each individual needs in order to overcome business and creative obstacles – and I found it much easier to stick to my tasks with her and the other members of our group holding me accountable! The whole thing was fun, supportive and inspiring, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey!”

Ali Owens, Copywriting & Editing Services


“I would highly recommend Katrina’s Creative Mastermind group to anyone who’s at a place where they feel like they need some guidance + feedback while setting goals for either their small business, personal life, or an upcoming project. Katrina does an incredible job facilitating + guiding the conversations during the meetings, providing a space where people can give + receive constructive feedback in a comfortable manner. Aside from facilitating her meetings well, Katrina is overall an authentically joyful person to be around, she truly cares about those around her + goes out of her way to connect with people!” 

Courtney Cyr of Courtney Cyr Design + Events 


“When I met Katrina, as a solo graphic designer, I had just joined a co-working community, was burned out from over isolation paired with under-creative corporate work, and about to enter a difficult season of career transition. Joining Creative Mastermind opened up the door in our co-working space for greater connection and support with those I was working alongside. It has been a great platform to share hopes, dreams, goals, resources, do’s/don’ts, ideas, doubts, fears, successes, failures to a supportive audience and receive feedback and encouragement from same. It was also great weekly exercise in listening, note taking, providing meaningful input, informal professionalism, embracing diversity, and demonstrating consideration, care, commitment and countless other character qualities to fellow members. The cost was more than worth the value received, and I highly recommend this group to anyone with the faintest inkling they need or could benefit from it.

Bryan Gaspord, Creative Director of BG Design Co


“It was great to be able to brainstorm solutions to challenges I was having, have a support system and also a certain level of accountability with the other members and it was rewarding to be able to help others with the same.”

Libbi Alcorn of Luxe Event Productions


“The Creative Mastermind group made me realize that as creatives we all face many of the same challenges. I walked away feeling inspired by others ideas and journeys and left motivated to follow my creative passion.”


About Katrina:


Katrina Pfannkuch is a mentor and creativity catalyst, writer, content strategist, and podcast producer passionate about creativity, mindfulness, and personal transformation. As a professional writer for 20 years, Katrina has created content, content strategies, and provided marketing and branding support for IBM, 3M, Allegro Coffee, and Kapost, as well as several businesses within Northern Colorado. She offers creativity coaching and content consulting services for clients nationwide through her business, Creative Katrina, LLC. Most recently she served as the Development Director for the first-ever Horsetooth International Film Festival in 2019.


In addition to coaching and mentoring, Katrina writes about creativity, personal development, and mindfulness on her blog, Creative Katrina, offering tips on how to stay inspired, productive, and mindful. Her podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment, shares tips and insights on how to tap into your inner wisdom and match your passion with purpose.