Balancing Passion With Patience as a Creative Entrepreneur

  Most creative entrepreneurs often have more than one thing we would consider a passion.   Some of those passions feed each other as part of our business, others serve as a way for us to go within and tap into our raw fire and pure joy to rejuvenate. This is how we fuel all of the things on life’s to-do list - energized by the flow to help keep everything moving along.   We also feel comfortable taking creative risks. It’s part of our DNA, in a way. We understand th … [Read more...]

You’ve Set Personal Boundaries, but are you Enforcing Them?

The topic of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream as a growing number of people take control of their own well being. There’s also an expanding awareness of how important it is to disconnect from what doesn’t serve you and set personal boundaries to define what kind of experiences and energy you want in your life.   According to Wikipedia, "Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible w … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Setting Deadlines and Forcing Creative Progress

  The urge to strive towards creative progress is natural. Chasing a deadline can make you feel alive, like you are doing something worthy by taking control of things so every moment is full of focus and momentum.   On the other hand, sitting still and doing nothing can feel like you are wasting time or maybe even giving up, as if the idea or passion in your heart is a fantasy that needs a reality check.   And what if that might be true?   What if things … [Read more...]

The Importance of Rest, Integration and Patience for Spiritual Growth

  This year has brought extremes and changes in all parts of our lives -- personal relationships, politics, finance, institutions, health, family and most importantly, our core beliefs about all of it. With all the planetary shifts in addition to our personal ones, it can feel a bit like being railroaded, and you may be unsure how to manage things without feeling like the chaos is taking over.   The truth is, chaos leads to clarity — eventually. But if you are not making time f … [Read more...]

Move Past Judgment and Find Truth

Jumping to conclusions is a human pass time. We all do it, and it’s pretty easy to get there fast. I learned to do it at a very young age, and have spent the last five years reducing that reaction to an occasional slip up. I see so many people around me doing it for sport like there’s no tomorrow. In my younger years I thought it was just how people were supposed to act — it was what I saw everyone else doing. Now I just see right to the heart of what these judgments really reveal — insecur … [Read more...]