Why You Need to Stop Looking for Proof of Your Creative Chops

People always enjoy a good origin story around how we've earned our creative chops. It's a way to connect, compare or anchor in a sense of belonging with each other.   From a different perspective, creative chops act as a barometer and measure of our uniqueness; proof we are special and matter.   Yet, when we place these perspectives aside, how do we define legit creative chops? Is it an action, way of thinking or skill set? Is it a mysterious blend of natural talent, … [Read more...]

Does a Creative Impulse Follow a Plan or Purpose?

  A creative impulse is intoxicating. The rush of inspiration you feel in your mind and body lights you up, offering a body buzz that sends endorphins sky high. It’s dreamy, exciting and fun all at the same time.   When the initial feeling passes and your body settles down, sometimes the mind can come barging in with an agenda of it’s own. It’s not trying to ruin your fun on purpose, it sometimes just let’s the ego drive the bus instead of the heart.   So when you ha … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Take a Break from a Creative Purpose

  A creative purpose acts as a guide, helping you feel like you are creating towards something that fills your heart and sense of self through self expression. It’s the drive behind what you feel you are meant to do or create in life.   The anxious creative tension that helps fuel a creative purpose, combined with the inner drive to make something with meaning, opens up possibilities coupled with expectations - and it can sometimes feel heavy. Intense, prolonged focus on one g … [Read more...]