Creativity Kick-Start: Get “Meta” to Re-ignite Passion for a Long-Term Goal

  When an idea, experience or person sparks your creativity, it can feel like your whole soul lights up from the inside out. The dots start naturally connecting in your mind and heart. The way you see the world feels alive, colorful and open to possibility, and inspiration leads to creative action. As you walk through your personal creative process you find a natural rhythm and you intuitively find your pace.   For small, one-and-done projects, it’s easy to hit all of the s … [Read more...]

Blending a Creative Pause into your Lifestyle

A creative pause is very powerful as a little sweet spot between meditation and action. It’s a time when you willingly take a break from all your activities, routines and planning to enjoy a little treat with no agenda. It can be something you do once a day, once a week or however often you allow in an absence of focus (without guilt), enabling your heart and mind to wander aimlessly to new places and daydreams.   While meditation is often a focused time where you try to limit the i … [Read more...]