Owning and Understanding the Essence of Our Inner Work

  The phrase inner work is a common one. It means something different to each person, but at its core, inner work relates to our skill level and willingness to practice self-care, creative self-expression of our truth, and personal self-growth.   As we move through life, discover our values, have experiences (good and bad), and shift our lifestyle to reflect what truly matters to our heart, we grow. Change. Discover what to let go or create. Bring to light what truly nourishes … [Read more...]

Lead With a Grateful Heart To Inspire More Creativity and Love

  How often do you lead with a grateful heart?   Is a daily act or seasonal one?   A community inspired practice or a mindful act of meditation you tap into when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or ungrounded?   Or do you see a grateful heart as part of who you are intrinsically - the core of what makes you uniquely you because of how you express that feeling?    It can be all and more. There's no one right way. The power is in sharing and … [Read more...]

Facing, and Dismissing, the Inner and Outer Critic

I can’t put this any simpler; we all face a judgy inner critic that drones on in our mind, and an outer critic (the world) that sprinkles our eyes and ears with nonsense and comparisons. It’s what can turn our self expression into an age old battle between ego (what makes us look good to ourselves and others), and heart (what we really feel and want to express.)    This struggle is the discordant energy that shapes us as people, like wind against beautiful sandstone in the des … [Read more...]

Heal the Survival Self, Dream With the Thriving Self

  What part of you wants to create and allows yourself to dream - the survival self or the thriving self?   It’s an important question to ask.   The creative dreams, goals and hopes we hold dear are clearly connected to an aspect within us. So the question becomes, is the impulse to create coming from a place of pure joy (thriving self), or a place of safety (survival self)? Are you willing to hear the answer?   To find out, it helps to get a clearer u … [Read more...]

Wisdom of the Leaves and Flowing with Change

  Hi there creative souls!   I'm heading out to visit family for a week on the east coast. I'm looking forward to the seeing the beautiful, colorful leaves and embracing a change of pace away from the computer as I catch up with friends and loved ones.   My travel plans will keep me from crafting blog posts for a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to a technology break and the chance to explore new creative insights I can share with all of you soon.   Go … [Read more...]

Why I Look for the Creative Potential in Everything

  Creative potential is one of my biggest motivators. Seeing the possibilities of what something can be is not only a passion, it’s just how I process the world and connections I make in it.   For me, the ultimate act of truly “being” is to create. It’s an active as well as a passive state. You can create a delicious breakfast for yourself or the people you love, expressing yourself through cooking, or you can create a state of inner wellness by simply sitting in peace and quie … [Read more...]

Gratitude for All Your Creative Helpers, Even the Ones that Sting

The act of creating is very personal, but how you choose to express the inner self is always influenced by external creative helpers. Some are loving and supportive, sharing encouragement and reflecting your light so you can view yourself in a more objective way. Other “helpers” are the nay-sayers or challengers, the people and personalities that get you to stand your ground or question the authenticity of your creative identity.   You need both kinds of creative helpers to help you co … [Read more...]

Self Appreciation and Giving Thanks for your Creative Gifts

Thanksgiving always creates a flurry of focus on appreciation, but how often do we direct that love and gratitude into true self-appreciation? Loving yourself just as you are, learning and striving to be more and growing, even just a little bit, as you screw things up is all part of being human. It’s how you learn what is truly worthy of your gratitude and loving attention, and what you most value at a core level. Yet, most of us put self appreciation last on the list if at all, instead placing v … [Read more...]

Rock a Feeling of Gratitude Year Round

As we head into the holidays, bombarded by commercials and jammed shopping aisles, the idea of gratitude and thanks is often thrown in as an after thought. It's another angle to sell during "the season." It vanishes by January when we are then overwhelmed with ads for getting in shape, as we drag around a big bag of shame from eating one too many holiday cookies and not militantly going to the gym. Lame.   What frustrates me most as we descend into the depths of holiday madness is … [Read more...]