Creativity Coaching & Intuitive Guidance

Light the Creative Match, photo credit Photo Credit: Flickr djwtwo


Connecting With Your Creative Core and Life Purpose 


Creativity is a living, breathing part of who we are — and is directly impacted by stress, fear, love and loss. At times, the flame of our inner  “creative match” can dim, or go out entirely.


I guide you past stuck points, and offer coaching and intuitive guidance, to shift how you see your life and the choices available to you, while healing old patterns or ways of thinking to become more inspired, productive and happy. 


When you can live from a place of clarity and self-awareness, your creativity blossoms and you are able to naturally make more mindful choices based on clear, intuitive guidance of your own.


Creativity Coaching Sessions 


To get the perspective you need on what blocks you from stepping into your most powerful creative truth, it can help to do some creativity coaching. Together we will explore the mental, emotional or spiritual clutter holding you back, and create a personalized plan on how to work through specific issues. 


Creativity Coaching can help you:


  • Find clarity around why you may be stuck, and what to do about it, to build momentum, increase focus, and creative inspiration
  • Connect with what you really want to pursue, and create a clear path achieve it
  • Reveal specific patterns holding you back successfully to shift them
  • Gain focus and craft a personalized action plan to hit key goals
  • Learn how to prioritize work, life, and creative needs into a schedule that supports your unique creativity and strengths
  • Build skills and awareness to manage stress, negative self talk, and creative slumps
  • Foster confidence and improve productivity


Sign up for your intro discovery session and get started! Then we can decide if a personalized plan is the best step forward, or if one of my coaching packages is a good fit.


Intuitive Reading by Phone or Video Chat 

Feel completely stuck? Need a non-judgmental, objective sounding board and intuitive guidance? Get things flowing again with an intuitive reading. Creative blocks, frustrations and confusion are all temporary, and I can help you move past them – starting right now. An intuitive reading offers the guidance you need to reveal old wounds or patterns coming up for healing, make clearer, more supportive choices and discover specific ways and tools to support you in living a more creative, purpose-driven life.


During a session, I will: 

  • Lend you my ears and intuitive insights to help you get clear on what you are feeling and why
  • Reflect back to you what I’m hearing from an objective, non-judgmental perspective so you can see what needs to change for you to be happy
  • Ask soul-seeking questions that get you to think bigger and stretch beyond your comfort zone
  • Share clear strategies on how to move past creative blocks and heal them for good
  • Offer specific action steps to help you move towards putting more creative passion into your life right now


Through our sessions together, you will see the patterns that created your sensation of “stuckness”, and begin to shift your focus onto simple action steps and mindful habit changes that really make a difference in your life. 


For video or phone readings, half hour sessions are $45 and hour sessions are $95. Schedule yours at the blue tab below.