How I Work

I help you shine the spotlight on yourself to shift your self-view and transform how you share your creative story and talents. Deciding to move towards change can feel like one of the scariest steps, but it doesn’t have to  – in fact — it’s the most powerful step because it finally puts you on a path of inner clarity, relaxes the mind and opens the heart so you can connect with your natural creative flow.


The good news is that you’ve landed in the perfect spot to see how I work. I can support you as you reconnect to your authentic creative self through my creativity coaching and intuitive guidance services, and/or provide content consulting to help you connect with your true inner voice create and develop content to promote your products, services, e-books or blog if you need help with that, too.


Getting Started

To help you get clear on what combination of services works for you, we start with a no-cost Discovery Session. 


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Discovery Session


A discovery session helps us get to know each other and offers me the opportunity learn more about what you really need to best support you in our collaboration.

Here’s what you get with a Discovery Session: 

  • Short set of pre-meeting questions sent via email once you book a session
  • 30 minutes of meeting time in person, on the phone or via Google Hangout
  • Cost: No Cost 

Information revealed in the Discovery Session will determine what type of services fit your needs and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about me and my background.

If you would like to sign up for a Discovery Session, please use the contact form in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. It has my most updated schedule. 


Core Service Tracks 


My core service tracks:

  • Creativity Coaching & Intuitive Guidance: These services include brainstorming, coaching, intuitive guidance, deep reflection and strategies to help you get clear in mind and heart to strengthen the connection to your creativity for healing. Specific tools: 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Creative Reflection Readings, Passion Plan, email support and more.


  • Content Consulting: These services focus on helping you polish your online content, blog, e-books, books and marketing materials. Specific tools: A review of current content needs and existing content, brainstorming sessions, content strategy development, writing and blog coaching and content editing services.


If our connection feels like a fit and you want to collaborate, I create a Collaboration Strategy based on the needs and details revealed during the initial Discovery Session. Your collaboration strategy is unique to you, and can include offerings from both service tracks.


Collaboration Strategy 


collaboration strategy is a guide for our work together. It includes:

  • One page document
  • Outline for strategy, next steps and end goals
  • Specific services you need
  • Hours of work expected to meet your goals
  • Cost based on type of services needed
  • A schedule of meeting dates
  • Key deadlines for “homework” that could include research, creative exploration exercises, content drafts and more
  • Project end date, if applicable


Want to get started? Connect with me through a contact form. Want more group-based learning or exploration? Check out my classes.  Are you a returning client looking for additional support? Please review additional collaboration options under services or contact me directly.


The person who influences me most is not he who does great deeds but he who makes me feel I can do great deeds.” Mary Parker Follett