How I Work

I help you shine the spotlight on yourself to transform fear, frustration and self-doubt into clarity and creative confidence.


I’m excited to support you as you move past creative blocks and reconnect to your authentic creative self. I offer creativity coaching and intuitive guidance services, and/or provide content consulting.


Getting Started

To help you get clear on what combination of services works for you, we start with a low cost initial Discovery Session. 


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Introductory Discovery Session


A discovery session helps us get to know each other, and helps me understand the best, most powerful way to support you in our collaboration.


Here’s what you get with a Discovery Session: 

  • Short set of pre-meeting questions sent via email once you book a session
  • 1 hour of meeting time in person, on the phone or via Google Hangout
  • $50 up front for the session


Information revealed in the Discovery Session determines what type of services fit your needs, and provides an opportunity for you to share the specifics of your challenges. The session also offers me a chance to act as non-judgmental soundboard and mirror to clarify specific support options to help you thrive.


To sign up for an Introductory Discovery Session  or review my other services, set up an appointment.


Core Service Tracks 


  • Creativity Coaching & Intuitive Guidance: These services include brainstorming, coaching, intuitive guidance, specific strategies to work through fear, confusion and self-doubt to help you emerge as your most creative confident self.
  • Specific tools: 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Creative Reflection Readings, Creative Mastermind Sessions and classes.


  • Content Consulting: These services focus on helping you polish your online content, marketing materials and overall marketing and content strategy.
  • Specific tools: A review of current content needs and existing content, brainstorming sessions, content strategy development, marketing strategy review, and content editing services.


If our connection feels like a fit, I create a Collaboration Strategy based on the needs and details revealed during the initial Discovery Session. This document shapes the collaboration strategy and is unique to you. It can include offerings from both service tracks.


Start moving from frustration and confusion, to creative clarity! Schedule an introductory Discovery Session.