Tuning into the Energy of your Creative Path Each Day

  The creative path is an alluring distraction, passion-igniter, personal development tool, friend and more, all wrapped into one.   When you need a break from the pace of life your creative path is there, imagination sparked and ready. As a healthy distraction, it serves to replenish and balance your mind, body and spirit as you work hard and give to others. It also acts as an invitation to dream and embrace what’s possible by stepping away from what you’ve come to know as rea … [Read more...]

Why I Look for the Creative Potential in Everything

  Creative potential is one of my biggest motivators. Seeing the possibilities of what something can be is not only a passion, it’s just how I process the world and connections I make in it.   For me, the ultimate act of truly “being” is to create. It’s an active as well as a passive state. You can create a delicious breakfast for yourself or the people you love, expressing yourself through cooking, or you can create a state of inner wellness by simply sitting in peace and quie … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 4 Ways to Grow your Creative Wealth

  Creative wealth is such an interesting resource to play with throughout your life. As a kid you have tons of it. Imagination flows with ease and you go where inspiration takes you. There are no limitations and creative energy is always present.   As you grow up, things start to get serious. The creative wealth you generated without even trying starts to feel like work and fear can hold you back from embracing change. You forget you have unique creative gifts and abilities … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Watch the Creative Magic of the Sky

It’s easy to keep your head down to power through life’s to-do’s or laser focus on your “end game”, but when was the last time you looked up, taking in the creative magic of the sky?   I have to admit, I don’t take us much time to “look up” as I used to when hours and minutes were a toy rather than a timer. As a kid, watching the clouds and the story they played out was part of a typical summer day, part of experiencing the natural creative magic of the universe as it unfolded in front … [Read more...]