Connection, Flexibility and Openness Help Create the Future You Actually Want

  In some ways it goes against all of our instincts to allow connection, flexibility and openness drive the direction of your life overall.   Where is the gumption? What about taking charge and stepping up? What about producing “something of value” so you can be seen as a useful member of society? And don’t forget the to-do list that helps keep you always moving forward and onto the next goal. You know - some of the hallmarks of “making something of yourself” and constantly exp … [Read more...]

Courage to Create Anew

  There are times when no matter how much we try to piece things together as they are and "make it work", the time has come to create anew. To ask deeper questions. To actively honor intuitive hits and the way we really feel deep in our heart, while coming to peace with what no longer resonates and let go. Sometimes all at once.    These elements are no small things for the heart and soul to consider. Attention to honoring them fully requires radical honesty with … [Read more...]

Playing with Creative Crossover Between Ideas

Are you good at seeing the creative crossover between your ideas? Or do you always start from scratch, brainstorming something completely new and innovative while scraps of paper ripe with potential are scattered on your desk, stuffed into a drawer or left in an “ideas file”?   If you are looking for a good way to forget your creative inspirations exist and bury their potential, keep on collecting them like museum pieces. This is one of the most common ways great ideas lose steam. The … [Read more...]

Creative Connection, the Heart and the Holidays

  Creative connection starts in the heart space, plain and simple. Whatever your unique gifts, talents, passions or abilities, the heart fuels them all. So what happens when you lose that heart connection or it gets plugged up with emotional junk, especially around the holidays?   Your creative insights “power down” to a slow roll, what you are creating seems “off” or you feel shut off from the joy of the season, which creates a roadblock in your focus and heart. … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Collaborate with a New Creative Partner

  Creative inspiration is catchy, especially when you connect with a collaboration partner who helps bring out new, deeper aspects of your gifts and personal expression. The rush of joining efforts with a like-heart fires up the mind, body and spirit, offering you a chance to see everything with a fresh set of eyes, including what inspires you.   The shared understanding you have with a collaboration partner also leaves everything open as you play off the creative energy of … [Read more...]

Why I Do What I Do and My Path to Creative Freedom

  To have true creative freedom means knowing who you are at your core, and that’s a journey - not a destination. In the spirit of creativity and sharing more of it in the world, here’s a little insight on Why I Do What I Do at this moment in my life. Many thanks to Carrie Brummer of Artist Think and her invitation to join this blog chain featuring creatives and their call to walk the path that has no speed limits or paved roads.   In my heart, I’ve been a writer since the age … [Read more...]

What is your Creative Currency?

    Creative currency is all the innate little gifts, insights, beliefs and abilities you have to share with the world. As much as each of these unique elements make us into wonderfully diverse people, it’s the expression of the gift, not the gift itself, that constitutes your special blend of creative currency.   For example, you can be a really good singer, but never sing (even when you are alone). Or, maybe you are a talented programmer who can write awesome t … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Inspiring Creative Space is a Cornerstone of a Creative Budget

  An inspiring creative space makes connecting with your inner creative guidance so much easier. When there is clutter, reminders of unfinished work or a stack of bills staring at you, creativity easily hides in your growing pile of “some day” excuses. Lack of a creative brainstorm space can also make you feel as if you are in a constant state of re-igniting creativity instead of playing with it. All a good inspiring creative space really needs to be is an area to focus and tune in tha … [Read more...]

Show and Tell: How you Communicate is Directly Connected to How you Feel About Yourself

Image credit: WesleyFryer Personal communication styles are influenced by countless elements throughout our lives. As we grow up with family, we emulate or fight against what doesn’t suit us. We are also influenced by friends and heartbreak, by loss and change. Our internal mental tapes, fears and life experiences direct how we are willing (or not) also show up in various degrees. All together, they shape how we communicate with ourselves and others in two main ways; what we show and what we t … [Read more...]

What’s your Spiritual MO?

For people who may not know me, I’m as much of a spiritual "woo woo" person as I am a left-brained, logical entrepreneur and business person. And as a communicator by heart and trade, I’m always fascinated with how people connect with their own idea of spirituality. How do they nurture it, seek it, grow it -- decide their own individual path? What role does it play, if any? The topic of spirituality connects and polarizes because it’s such an important part of how people define themselves -- … [Read more...]