Creative Friction Is The Gift You Never Knew You Wanted

  Yes, you are reading this correctly - creative friction is the gift you never knew you wanted.   I could give a speech about how every great writer, artist, and entrepreneur faces challenges or obstacles they need to overcome, but we’ve heard that one a million times. I can also share insights on the hero’s journey and the essential role it holds in making us the fully baked humans we are meant to be, but tons of other folks have already done it.   I want to hig … [Read more...]

Working Through Impatience and Confusion Along the Creative Journey

  Working through impatience and confusion along the creative journey is by no means a unique experience. We’ve all been there, feeling the weight of indecision about our next creative step, or the intense sensation of restlessness as we wait. Distract ourselves. Then wait some more - for things to click; to show up in a way that says, YES, you are on track and thriving.   Feeling successful and in the flow is something we all crave, especially when we are creatively and e … [Read more...]

Embrace Unpredictable Energy to Create Something New

  Embracing unpredictable energy feels invigorating and terrifying all at the same time. The uncomfortable mesh of sensations is a rush that can knock your root chakra off it’s axis, leaving you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts. As a result you may feel unsure about, well, pretty much everything - including how to process it all.   Little out-of-the-blue synchronicities or big sudden changes can have the same physical, emotional and spiritual impact, sending the mind into ch … [Read more...]

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Unsexy Parts of Self-Expression and Creativity

  A flash of insight, the burning desire to create and an outpouring of deep, honest self-expression are definitely part of the creative process.   Also part of creativity...long hours, doubt, frustration, mundane tasks, starting over and feeling like you don’t know your own voice. This is not a bad thing, it’s just It's so much easier to live in the dreamy part of your vision!   Yet, embracing the unsexy parts of self-expression leads to more honest cre … [Read more...]

Dreaming With the E-Brake On: How We Unknowingly Limit Creative Options

  How do you define creative options for yourself?   As possibilities you hold in your heart?  Clear choices out on the table? Hobbies and weekend passions that spark creativity? A list of alternatives that serve as a back-up to well-orchestrated plans?   Or is it expressed as an automatic gut-inspired choice?   While there's no “one” way to see and act on the creative options in front of you, there's a well-worn way you often go about it - and your defa … [Read more...]

See Fear as an Invitation to Embark on a Creativity Deep Dive

  Creativity is an exploration of all that is, all possibilities, ideas and emotions, even fear.   As a creative being you sometimes misunderstand the power of your fears and what they can teach. You decide to create around them instead, practicing avoidance, shutting down your heart or putting away your dreams. A reaction like this limits so many aspects of your life, not just your creativity.   These behaviors may serve to protect the mind, giving you a sense that … [Read more...]

Creative Confidence, Rejection and How they Inspire Each Other

At some point in your life, you’ve experienced the sting of rejection and the way it makes you question your path, focus, intentions or talents. The creative confidence you have in yourself can feel shaken and uprooted, like a tree upended in a fast-paced storm without a way to right itself again.   The sense of equilibrium you had is no longer possible, and it’s not supposed to be. What’s waiting before you is the choice to be inspired or feel less than.   When you exper … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Confess a Creative Fear

  There is power in confession, especially when it comes to releasing the grip of creative fear. The little, niggly “fear rushes” you feel when you are close to the truth can be almost paralyzing, and serve as an invitation to distract yourself from the source of the fear with things that are breezy and light.   The rub? Fear avoidance is fun for a bit, but it also keeps you doing the “running man” in the same spot for ages - while your creative self expression growth gets stuc … [Read more...]

Are you Creating Boundaries or Self-Imposed Limitations?

As someone who used to have very thin boundaries and lot’s of self-imposed limitations, these two heavy hitters often get confused more often than you think. Word-wise the difference seems obvious. Boundaries are defined as self-protective, and limitations are defined as rules and restrictions. Whether you jump into creating a boundary or a limitation as a reflex is determined in those powerful moments when you sense things are getting uncomfortable, or as if your reputation and value may be o … [Read more...]

Why You Avoid Creative Change and Stay Stuck

Electric creative change. It’s everywhere. In and between people. Around big, community shifting issues. Among business connections and collaborations. And as fresh creative ways of thinking and being are coming to the surface right now, it’s time to decide; same old comfy shoes this round or time for a fresh, sparkly pair of new kicks?   Sometimes fear chooses for us. “Same old shoes for me, thank you. I have enough crap I’m dealing with already.” Other times we pull out the dusty old … [Read more...]