Allow Creative Mystery To Enchant You

  When was the last time you felt enchanted or drawn by a sense of creative mystery, free of boundaries or rules? No plan, no specific path, just open opportunity led by curiosity?   Can you recall when you last tuned into the creative mystery within yourself; to a connection that is felt and envisioned rather than drawn out on paper into a clear outline and process?   Or, do you focus on the “practical” side of creating without inviting in the mystery of what’s poss … [Read more...]

Creativity and Little White Lies: Which Ones Are You Telling Yourself?

  It’s easy to take your natural creativity and skills for granted. As something that flows for you, there’s little risk and limited effort required to keep it going, and even less of a reason to put extra energy into it.   However, when natural aptitudes keep you in a plateau, operating at a status quo level, you are also protecting yourself from risk or judgment.   This is the spot where most people stay, kind of owning their creativity but not really willing to wo … [Read more...]

Nurturing the Creative Spirit in the Face of Criticism and Self-Judgment

The essence of your creative spirit is eternal. It’s a natural flow that moves through you; an effortless presence that doesn’t require work...until you add in criticism and self-judgment.   These emotional and/or mental blocks take away the power of the creative spirit and all it offers, leaving you with doubt and fear of what’s ahead and all the ways it may change you or your life. It starts as a seed that quickly spreads to your view of everything, leaving you feeling anxious or uns … [Read more...]

3 Reasons your Creative Boundaries Need a Refresh, Right Now

The creative boundaries you set for yourself serve two key purposes. One is to help focus your energy and self expression and the other is protection from pain and fear. The trick is that while boundaries keep you safe and clear they also box you into a way of creating that’s limiting, repetitive and drains your creative spark.   When you feel comfortable there’s no real reason to change how you create. However, over time, the boundaries you’ve established for comfort become creative b … [Read more...]

Creative Risk Taking and How it Relates to Self-Esteem

Putting your work out into the world is a creative risk, plain and simple. You are taking something you’ve envisioned, orchestrating all the resources to bend, shape and craft it into something tangible, then bringing it into being.   There are times when this process is gracefully simple, and times when it’s not. You may have people who support you at every turn, or no one but yourself to motivate you each day. Maybe the idea of trying frightens you silly.   Despite all the … [Read more...]

Get Wise to Creative Mood Killers

  Creative mood killers are a real thing. Just like in the movies when you watch the lovable dork seemingly ruin a chance with the girl of his dreams, creative mood killers descend on and trample the vibe and confidence you have in your capabilities. This sly little minx sneaks up and wiggles into your thoughts, kicking off bouts of doubt by whispering about the future, worst case scenarios and failure.   Mood killers also throw you off balance, leaving you like a turtle t … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Busting Through Creative Doubt

Creative doubt is the great equalizer. Everyone has faced tough choices that require deep clarity and courage, wondered if the path ahead is really the right direction or doubted if the opportunity to share the deep, beautiful creative parts of you in a way that’s meaningful and appreciated will ever materialize.   Maybe you’ve worked towards something all your life only to still doubt if it’s truly right for you, or keep pushing back against the small, faint voice in your heart by fin … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: How to Rethink Creative Opportunities

  The new year is a built-in invitation to look at everything with a fresh set of eyes, but it’s also a chance to rethink creative opportunities left over from last year. Are there some half-baked ideas still hanging out in the back of your mind? Any current ideas that feel played out and uninspired? What about projects that involve collaborators and shared paths? Do they still feel like a fit?   It’s human nature to want to scrap the old and start over once you get a whiff of … [Read more...]

Creativity Kickstart: 4 Ways to Re-Imagine How you View Creative Milestones

  I think of creative milestones like a highlight reel of memorable moments. They can include a range of physical and emotional experiences in your life that have brought you joy or pushed you to grow, empowered you to realize something deeper about yourself or made you feel something intense that sticks in your mind and heart.   This is my definition, but what’s yours? How do you view and value your creative milestones? Do you even think about it, or just continue to do what y … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Be More Spontaneous to Open Creative Flow

  How often do you toss well-crafted plans out the window to try something new or accept an unexpected invitation - letting the spark of spontaneity guide your creative flow guide towards more fun?   The connection you feel in the moment to a potential creative seed or the tug you sense in your gut feels intoxicating and inspiring, but this happens less and less if you consistently keep a practiced life that never changes. When you leave a little space for the “what-if” you are … [Read more...]