Owning and Understanding the Essence of Our Inner Work

  The phrase inner work is a common one. It means something different to each person, but at its core, inner work relates to our skill level and willingness to practice self-care, creative self-expression of our truth, and personal self-growth.   As we move through life, discover our values, have experiences (good and bad), and shift our lifestyle to reflect what truly matters to our heart, we grow. Change. Discover what to let go or create. Bring to light what truly nourishes … [Read more...]

Creative Hustle Habits: What To Keep, Release Or Grow

  Ahh, the good old creative hustle. The drive to keep creative ideas alive and flowing while making a little side scratch to build a business, or simply keep our personal creativity flowing in the day-to-day. Freelancers especially understand this dance, as we try to choreograph it with available projects and staying creatively engaged in our work. At times it can be exhilarating, like winning a prize at the last minute that you never expected, and offers great experience - plus … [Read more...]

Explore The Roots of Your Creative Evolution

  When you think about it, each day is a step in our creative evolution. Between what we learn and release, what we practice diligently and pursue with passion, the talents we celebrate and the ones we ignore, and more, there are a variety of factors to play with and combine.   Each day also offers a chance for us to step into more of what we want, feel, and wish to express, which leads to our unique path of creative evolution.   As you’ve heard a million times b … [Read more...]

Tap into Animal Symbolism to Inspire Creativity and Hone Intuition

  Animal symbolism is a tool humans have used for thousands of years to learn about ourselves and how we relate to their community of critter counterparts in nature. While the term animal symbolism sounds very formal, it’s simply a system for connecting with our more intuitive, animal-based inner nature and accessing deeper self-knowledge.   By connecting with traits of certain animals, humans can easily understand and tap into their own natural creative traits and senses in a … [Read more...]

Ever Listen to Music with Eyes Closed? How it Helps You Connect With New Dimensions of Intuition and Creativity

  Music is one powerful emotional influencer. It inspires and uplifts. Helps us deal with tough times, break-ups and that pesky old baggage we need to heal and release. It brings us closer to understanding our life and emotions as we see ourselves through an artist’s eyes, and can also help alleviate feelings of loneliness and disconnection.   When we listen to music, we are no longer limited to a set of headphones hooked into a stationary stereo or record player. It’s on our p … [Read more...]

Why Practicing Silence is a Super Ninja BFF for Creativity and Intuition

  Have you ever tried practicing silence? Total silence as in not uttering a peep, completely ignoring the neighbor's yappy dog and disconnecting from the siren song of your endless mind chatter?   Is there a part of you that loves the idea in theory, but find it hard to practice in every day life?   Well, welcome to the club! We are all trying to find our own path to quality quiet time in the digital age.   While practicing silence through a meditation … [Read more...]

See Fear as an Invitation to Embark on a Creativity Deep Dive

  Creativity is an exploration of all that is, all possibilities, ideas and emotions, even fear.   As a creative being you sometimes misunderstand the power of your fears and what they can teach. You decide to create around them instead, practicing avoidance, shutting down your heart or putting away your dreams. A reaction like this limits so many aspects of your life, not just your creativity.   These behaviors may serve to protect the mind, giving you a sense that … [Read more...]

Loving What you Perceive as your Creative Flaws

Is it easier to point out your attributes or list your creative flaws? If I were to guess, I would say your list is a bit lopsided, and your ability to pick out what you would change is not only longer, but easier to write. So instead of looking at the points on your list as things to overcome or fix, why not take what you perceive as your creative flaws and learn how to love them? The willingness to see all of who you are and use it to fuel your self expression and creative projects opens up … [Read more...]

Trusting the Truth in a Memory

To really be honest with yourself requires digging into the memory banks. Splashing around and poking at things. Looking at what’s yours to own and what can be released into the ethers with confidence, knowing it’s time to let go of emotions or ideas that no longer serve you. But at the same time, our memories also hold what is closest to our hearts; the things that have come to shape us as human beings and propel us on our unique path in life. As heart warming or painful as they can som … [Read more...]

Unexpected Pot Holes Make Great Trophies

In the course of a day, most people can quickly tell you the 10 things that went wrong compared to the 1000 that actually went off without a hitch. The douche that cut you off in traffic is the spawn of the devil. That granny had it out for you in the grocery store, getting in your way at every turn -- on purpose. Then there is the matter of the lunch bill where "you know who" skimped again. Even though these offenses are minor and not very often, we tend to hang on to those much longer than … [Read more...]