How Can You Create More Freedom In Your Life?

  Freedom is a powerful word.   We often strive to create more of it, but don't realize how our routines are keeping us far from it.   Responsibilities can make us feel disconnected from our sense of freedom, shaping a mindset of "someday" instead of finding it in the now.   Then, there's the physical aspects of freedom; how we are connected or disconnected from our body, feel stuck in a relationship, or struggle with a power dynamic within the scope of … [Read more...]

Heal the Survival Self, Dream With the Thriving Self

  What part of you wants to create and allows yourself to dream - the survival self or the thriving self?   It’s an important question to ask.   The creative dreams, goals and hopes we hold dear are clearly connected to an aspect within us. So the question becomes, is the impulse to create coming from a place of pure joy (thriving self), or a place of safety (survival self)? Are you willing to hear the answer?   To find out, it helps to get a clearer u … [Read more...]

Embrace Unpredictable Energy to Create Something New

  Embracing unpredictable energy feels invigorating and terrifying all at the same time. The uncomfortable mesh of sensations is a rush that can knock your root chakra off it’s axis, leaving you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts. As a result you may feel unsure about, well, pretty much everything - including how to process it all.   Little out-of-the-blue synchronicities or big sudden changes can have the same physical, emotional and spiritual impact, sending the mind into ch … [Read more...]

Creative Mojo: Balancing What is With What’s Next

  When ideas are flowing and your creative mojo feels in alignment it’s quite intoxicating. The energy you feel is contagious, opening your mind and heart to receive as you sit in the beauty of the flow. It’s not just a mind thing, it’s an all over body buzz, like extra cups of coffee or a deep meditation session.   This is what so many of us are shooting for, that perfect place of connection and creative flow - but it’s also a paradox.   How do you balance being in … [Read more...]

Get Back into the Body and Create Forward Momentum

Photo by: Kevin Dooley These last few days of Indian summer in Colorado have been so beautiful and I cherish them — the light breeze, warm (not burning hot) sun and the crispness to the air. I feel more balanced and grounded and have done more hiking and biking then I did all summer. I'm stepping out of my mental space and more into feeling and integrating, taking care to blend the mind, body and spirit parts into a new perspective — something I was unable to do as I spent the summer clearing … [Read more...]