Honoring Creative Opportunities That Almost Were

  Whether we realize it or not, honoring creative opportunities means celebrating what has, or has not, come to pass.   Any creative, artist, or entrepreneur can share a list of creative opportunities that were almost...something. Perhaps they were almost profitable, popular, manageable, effective, successful, noteworthy - notice the trend here? This realization is not new, mind-blowing, or unique. Yet, those same creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs can spend a lot of time … [Read more...]

Tap into Animal Symbolism to Inspire Creativity and Hone Intuition

  Animal symbolism is a tool humans have used for thousands of years to learn about ourselves and how we relate to their community of critter counterparts in nature. While the term animal symbolism sounds very formal, it’s simply a system for connecting with our more intuitive, animal-based inner nature and accessing deeper self-knowledge.   By connecting with traits of certain animals, humans can easily understand and tap into their own natural creative traits and senses in a … [Read more...]

See and Love Yourself As a Creative Work in Progress

  In a world where decisiveness and clarity is highly valued, admitting you are a vulnerable, creative work in progress isn’t always encouraged or respected.   Yet, every single one of us is a creative work in progress, no matter how “together” and polished the exterior finish.   Toss in the added pressure of a self-imposed timeline, list of “shoulds” and perceived competition, the creative muse can seem like it has a specific maturity date, rather than serving as an … [Read more...]

Creative Confusion and Finding your New Center

Creative confusion makes it easy to get stuck in your head, going in circles. Every option seems like the best choice, or, you think yourself out of every possible way forward so you stay right where you are.   Feeling creative confusion can also make it challenging to trust your intuition and emotions, enticing you to circle back and rely on the “facts” your brain presents to you. Yet, these “facts” are mixed up with ego, familiarity of past patterns and fears.   When the c … [Read more...]

See Fear as an Invitation to Embark on a Creativity Deep Dive

  Creativity is an exploration of all that is, all possibilities, ideas and emotions, even fear.   As a creative being you sometimes misunderstand the power of your fears and what they can teach. You decide to create around them instead, practicing avoidance, shutting down your heart or putting away your dreams. A reaction like this limits so many aspects of your life, not just your creativity.   These behaviors may serve to protect the mind, giving you a sense that … [Read more...]

The Power of Playing with your Seasonal Creative Muse

  I think the creative muse within each of us has two types of seasonal cycles.   One falls in step with nature, bringing a new bundle of energy, sensations and weather conditions every three months. The other is more closely related to personal expansion and how your creativity and self expression change throughout your life. In a sense, you progress through “seasons” of challenge, growth, learning and embracing the “current you” while you allow the old one to fall away. … [Read more...]

Embracing the Sacred Act of Creative Integration

  As a creative being you are always evolving towards a desire for creative integration, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.   You build skills, likes and dislikes, creative desires, experiences (good and bad) and aspirations throughout your life, collecting them like actual objects in your mind and heart. Each separate feeling, experience, memory and skill is part of your personal development, and creates an “energetic hit” for you in some way. The sensation may be posit … [Read more...]

Tuning into the Energy of your Creative Path Each Day

  The creative path is an alluring distraction, passion-igniter, personal development tool, friend and more, all wrapped into one.   When you need a break from the pace of life your creative path is there, imagination sparked and ready. As a healthy distraction, it serves to replenish and balance your mind, body and spirit as you work hard and give to others. It also acts as an invitation to dream and embrace what’s possible by stepping away from what you’ve come to know as rea … [Read more...]

You’ve Set Personal Boundaries, but are you Enforcing Them?

The topic of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream as a growing number of people take control of their own well being. There’s also an expanding awareness of how important it is to disconnect from what doesn’t serve you and set personal boundaries to define what kind of experiences and energy you want in your life.   According to Wikipedia, "Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible w … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Take Photos to Expand the Creative Eye

  Your creative eye is a window into yourself, whether you realize it or not. Lifestyle, family, relationships, personal highs and lows all play a part (sometimes subconsciously) in what you see as beautiful and inspiring, negative or depressing. These are the real tools that shape what you see as picture-worthy and inspiring, acting as a connection point to your inner creative sense of self.   That’s why a creative eye does not require lessons, artistic parents or an a … [Read more...]