Think About What Terrifies you Most, Then Ask Why

The brave, heroic acts that receive the most acknowledgement are usually physical ones. Stories about people saving others from burning buildings or natural disasters. Animals rescued from certain death when found abandoned or abused. The daily, countless heroic acts preformed by city and government officials, accomplished as part of a normal work day. And yes, these acts are commended and recognized as good news we all savor (maybe not as often as they could be) -- but are still not the bravest … [Read more...]

The Answer Today is Not Necessarily the Forever Answer

Photo by ToniVC It’s no secret that globally we’ve become accustomed to a faster paced kind of life, and society is constantly evolving to match it. Not only how we communicate, work, collaborate, eat and enter into relationship has changed dramatically, but how we see the future is rapidly changing, too. So with societal norms shifting so quickly, isn’t it also natural that how we make decisions is also transforming? Aside from Hallmark, old movies and grandparents selling us on the idea o … [Read more...]

True Clarity Within Starts With the Power of Your Words

From the questions you ask yourself, to the tapes running through your head, to the way you speak to others, how you find clarity in your life all starts with the power of the words you choose and the questions you pose outwardly. And yes, as a writer I pay way more attention to words that most people would, for obvious reasons. But if you really stop and think about it, how different would things be if you actually thought about the true impact of your words on yourself and others before you … [Read more...]

The Idea of “Perfect” Blows Giant Holes in Creativity

You engage in creativity all day long, even if you never thought about it that way. Fantastic, fun, creative ideas can show up at any time, thrown in amongst thoughts of errands, irritations and obligations. And as those moments of creative brilliance shine through, do you say WOO HOO! I gotta write this down! Or do you immediately start picking them apart, reviewing all the angles to convince yourself why it will never work, why it’s not perfect? Humans have super powers when it comes to our … [Read more...]

Throw Out What you Think you Know and Embrace Renewal

Each spring the human race feels compelled to wash windows, clean out closets and give our home the once over. The cathartic act of physical cleaning is peaceful in its own way, helping us slough off winter energy and prepare for a fiery new spring adventure among the tweeting birds and budding trees. It’s instinctual. In spring we also feel a renewed sense of wanting to "get moving." We don’t always know why or where we’re headed, but it’s a very deep desire to shake things up and get on the … [Read more...]