Creativity Kick-Start: Confess a Creative Fear

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There is power in confession, especially when it comes to releasing the grip of creative fear. The little, niggly “fear rushes” you feel when you are close to the truth can be almost paralyzing, and serve as an invitation to distract yourself from the source of the fear with things that are breezy and light.


The rub? Fear avoidance is fun for a bit, but it also keeps you doing the “running man” in the same spot for ages – while your creative self expression growth gets stuck to zero or less.


Finding the Creative Fear Roots


If you are ready to see how deep the creative fear roots go, start with being willing to open up and walk in step with fear at your side. Be willing to greet it, to see, touch and feel the edges and corners that form the block roosting in your mind and heart, and make room for new ideas to sprout.


Yes, it may FEEL like you are hurling yourself into a cactus when you decide to face the fear, but, the imagination is always ready to kick up a fear response and transform it into very real, physical feelings. (I sometimes experience them before I do public speaking).


That leaves you one option…

to push through to the other side of fear and call the mind out on what it’s doing to reset and rewire long-worn patterns.

But how?




Here’s a simple way to start…


You probably have more than one creative fear bouncing around in your psyche. To get a clear, more objective point of view, it can help to craft a list of creative truths. The creative fear you have is as much a part of you as anything else, and needs to be acknowledged, greeted and soothed before you can successfully let it go, or, find a way to practice your way out of a creative fear cycle.


Here’s an exercise that can help with making your list and shine a brighter light on your creative fears:

  • Be still or meditate in quiet for at least 15 minutes before the exercise
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes
  • Hand write any and all fears you can think of as they relate to your creativity or what you are afraid to ask for or do in order to fulfill your fullest creative expression
  • Write anything that comes to mind during the 10 minutes BUT look at it later
  • When you are done with the exercise take a break to do something fun
  • Wait at least 24 hours to review the list


THEN… call or meet with someone you love and trust and confess to them one of your creative fears. Choose wisely and connect with someone who loves you unconditionally – this can be a very emotional process. This exercise will also bring you one step closer to walking side by side with your creative fear, leading it into the light for healing.


Are you in touch with your creative fears? Have you ever confessed one to a trusted person or group, and felt so much lighter afterwards?


If you are ready to move forward and release the fear, but need help getting started, I would love to help act as an objective sounding board. Just let me know how I can support you.


Photo credit: NathanOliverPhotography