Get Raw to Tap Into Next Level Creativity

  If you identify as a creative or entrepreneur, you are secretly, or not so secretly, looking to tap into next level creativity. Especially when things feel stale and too predictable.   You can take things into your own hands and actively cause a little chaos to shake things up. And while blowing up your own life can be an interesting distraction and adrenaline rush, it’s not always a way to next level creative expression (but sometimes necessary).   So for the m … [Read more...]

Why It’s Essential to Blaze a Fresh Trail Between Playing it Safe and Taking Risks

  We each have a unique way of playing it safe or taking risks with our life choices and self-expression.    It’s influenced by our age, personal circumstances, levels of fear, and patterns we’ve learned while growing up. The hurt we have accumulated, and held onto, also plays a big role in how we blaze this trail for ourselves, and what we expect is possible for us.   For example, risks within a relationship may seem so much scarier than the ones along our car … [Read more...]

Do You Judge Yourself For Needing Help?

  Do you judge yourself for needing help? From time to time we all need help. On a mental level it seems simple enough to ask for it. But what happens when the realization that we need help triggers deep emotions within us we don’t understand?   Of course it’s natural to want to avoid pain or emotional upset, but the bigger challenge in avoiding “feeling bad” is that we don’t ask for help at all. Why? Because we are afraid to be vulnerable and may be confused about the kind of … [Read more...]

Inspirational Power of Smell: Part 2 of Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity

  The power smell has over us, our intuition and creativity is quite remarkable. It can evoke good and bad memories, feelings of fear or comfort, spark initial gut insights about someone or transport us to another time and place.   What we “smell” can also lead us towards something or away from it, and draw our attention down a new and interesting path of creative exploration.   While we often experience smells, we don’t always stop and think about all of the ways th … [Read more...]

Boost your Creative Process by Embracing the “Cracks”

  At it’s core, the creative process is the ability to take ideas or concepts you are drawn to and combine them into a way to do anything. You can inspire, teach, heal, grow, play, connect with your purpose - the list is as long as the possibilities.   The creative process is also the ability to take disconnected ideas, frustrating situations and challenging relationships and turn them into something that does the exact - same - things.   How you use your gifts c … [Read more...]

Creative Confidence, Rejection and How they Inspire Each Other

At some point in your life, you’ve experienced the sting of rejection and the way it makes you question your path, focus, intentions or talents. The creative confidence you have in yourself can feel shaken and uprooted, like a tree upended in a fast-paced storm without a way to right itself again.   The sense of equilibrium you had is no longer possible, and it’s not supposed to be. What’s waiting before you is the choice to be inspired or feel less than.   When you exper … [Read more...]

Embracing the Sacred Act of Creative Integration

  As a creative being you are always evolving towards a desire for creative integration, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.   You build skills, likes and dislikes, creative desires, experiences (good and bad) and aspirations throughout your life, collecting them like actual objects in your mind and heart. Each separate feeling, experience, memory and skill is part of your personal development, and creates an “energetic hit” for you in some way. The sensation may be posit … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Practice Creative Self-Acceptance

  The unique creative spark within you is a gift as much as it’s a healing tool to help you move closer to creative self-acceptance.   People often view their natural creative inclinations as good or bad, obvious or absent, lacking or not quite polished enough - all polarizing judgments that don’t leave you much room to grow. Yet, when you can reframe how you think about your creative self-expression and view it as unique inner healing tool and gift for you to hone - crea … [Read more...]

Being Healthy Takes More Than Good Food and Sit-ups

Healing is about the journey, like anything else in life. It takes more than vitamins, exercise and eight glasses of water a day to get you there. If you take the drugs, therapies, doctors, alternative health practitioners, healthy eating habits and everything else in between out of the equation, you still have a vast majority of folks who are so out of touch with their own body, they have no idea what it’s trying to tell them. Ever. Your body is the best instrument you have for relieving s … [Read more...]