Working Through Impatience and Confusion Along the Creative Journey

  Working through impatience and confusion along the creative journey is by no means a unique experience. We’ve all been there, feeling the weight of indecision about our next creative step, or the intense sensation of restlessness as we wait. Distract ourselves. Then wait some more - for things to click; to show up in a way that says, YES, you are on track and thriving.   Feeling successful and in the flow is something we all crave, especially when we are creatively and e … [Read more...]

Allow Creative Mystery To Enchant You

  When was the last time you felt enchanted or drawn by a sense of creative mystery, free of boundaries or rules? No plan, no specific path, just open opportunity led by curiosity?   Can you recall when you last tuned into the creative mystery within yourself; to a connection that is felt and envisioned rather than drawn out on paper into a clear outline and process?   Or, do you focus on the “practical” side of creating without inviting in the mystery of what’s poss … [Read more...]

Learn to Spot Your Distraction Tactics and Transform them into Creative Gifts

  Every single one of us has personal distraction tactics; the little things we do intentionally take our attention away from the task or issue at hand. Harmless in intention, our go-to distraction tactics are just like personality traits - unique to every person. They also tell us more about ourselves than we think.   In life there’s a time to focus on work and a time to relax, take in our surroundings, review what comes next and how to approach it. The more we focus, or beat … [Read more...]

The Heart Chakra: Emotions, Love and the Heart of a Creative Journey

The heart chakra is our love center, the place where self-love, unconditional love and compassion resonate most strongly. When tuning into our truth and purpose, the heart helps us find a way to express it outwardly, leading us towards connecting with deep creative needs and desires.   The challenge is we often let the head take over and ignore the heart’s call.   Listening to head over heart distracts us from what we need most of all in order for creative expression to t … [Read more...]

Creative Change, Jagged Edges and Honoring the Whole Path

  Creative change comes in one of two ways. You can go chasing after it, charging face first into the flames and ready for anything, or it crashes the party, smashing through life as you know it with an invitation to dance.   As an observer kinda gal, I tend to look for quite some time before I leap, feeling into things and turning the tumblers of my mind over all the angles. I can see the promise of creative change waving at me as inspiration; a guide to follow one of many … [Read more...]