Embrace Unpredictable Energy to Create Something New

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Embracing unpredictable energy feels invigorating and terrifying all at the same time. The uncomfortable mesh of sensations is a rush that can knock your root chakra off it’s axis, leaving you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts. As a result you may feel unsure about, well, pretty much everything – including how to process it all.


Little out-of-the-blue synchronicities or big sudden changes can have the same physical, emotional and spiritual impact, sending the mind into chaos and the heart into lockdown – or vice versa. Like a wind that blows through and haphazardly tosses dead leaves and branches, there is a lost sense of order and no clear way to navigate forward. Feelings and thoughts about the past and present (plus fear) become tangled together, confusing your whole internal energy system.


This experience of unpredictable energy doesn’t have to be a good thing, bad thing or any – thing. However, it is an opportunity to embrace “what is” and create something entirely new.


Creative Inspiration and Healing is Hidden Within the Unpredictable 


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The hidden gift in the flow of unpredictable energy is that it releases you from what you have already created in order to re-frame how you define your experience moving forward. It forces you to be very present with how you feel, listen, and connect with what’s unfolding now. It’s in these moments you are also the most alive, especially when you take the opportunity to actively create a new meaning or non-meaning from what you notice.


Lack of control or not knowing how something will pan out does not have to be scary or wrong. Embrace it; be with it’s essence and what it has to offer. Unpredictable energy gives you a unique sense of freedom, as well as the inspiration to make important changes you may have never even noticed were necessary for a fuller, richer more creative personal experience.


Circles or no, life is always moving forward. Take what’s true now. Sit with it. Feel it. Own it. Surrender to it. Trust. Forgive yourself and release what is worn out. Then use it as a way to be grateful for what has transpired, and ride the surge of fear and excitement to create something new from the power of the unpredictable.


What new perspective, idea, habit, outlook or behavior can you create, instead of focusing on what you see as broken or no longer viable in the same old ways?


Interested in reading more about managing unpredictable energy? Read my previous post, Turn Waiting Into Creative Gold. Have something challenging or unpredictable come up and want a fresh perspective? Connect with me for an intuitive reading. Want to add a little extra wisdom to your daily life? Tune into my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment where I offer tips on how to tap into your inner wisdom more deeply.