Creative Friction Is The Gift You Never Knew You Wanted

  Yes, you are reading this correctly - creative friction is the gift you never knew you wanted.   I could give a speech about how every great writer, artist, and entrepreneur faces challenges or obstacles they need to overcome, but we’ve heard that one a million times. I can also share insights on the hero’s journey and the essential role it holds in making us the fully baked humans we are meant to be, but tons of other folks have already done it.   I want to hig … [Read more...]

Creative Empowerment is a Commitment to Practicing Your Truth, Moment to Moment

  There’s something about the idea of creative empowerment that can feel a bit slippery as a concept.   Is it an action? Feeling? Belief? All of the above?   Something we are born with? Learn? Practice?   A lofty goal that can never be attained?   I like to think of creative empowerment as an invitation to live into what we are becoming through what we are creating, moment to moment. Or in other words, how we step into life and act or react to w … [Read more...]

Why Practicing Creative Discernment is Essential for Everyone

  There is an art to practicing creative discernment, or in other words, your personal ability to sense if something is in alignment with you and the deepest expression of your creative truth.   And right now you might be asking yourself, why is creative discernment important if I already create from my heart and go for what I want? You might also say, does this matter if I don’t really see myself as “creative”?   My answer is yes, it matters, and here’s the core rea … [Read more...]

Creative Opinions, Which Ones Are You Taking to Heart And Why?

  There will always be people who want to share their creative opinions about what we do. Their words can come across as a harmless, simple suggestions meant to inspire or motivate us, or they may cut wide and deep, venturing into preachy territory.   These two ends of the creative opinions spectrum can start out with good intent, but don’t necessarily foster our creative spirit. However, while you are unable to stop people from sharing their thoughts, what they say is not n … [Read more...]

The Healing Power of Getting Clear on your Deepest Creative Truths

Can you list your creative truths? Are you clear on what you need to create and what can fall away? Do you honor the voice within and give it a creative outlet?   If not, it’s time to be really honest with yourself about what’s keeping you from tapping into the healing power of connecting with your deepest creative truths. Fear? Confusion? Or something bigger, like stepping into the freedom and power of owning your fullest self-expression?   In the process of discovering you … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Stop Questioning Creative Timing and Listen

  Creative timing is one of the biggest influences on your creative path. Creative timing impacts when and if you do something, why, how easy or hard it can be and if your heart is in it or not.   With all these little bits of information influencing your effort and direction, it’s important to be clear on how to listen into what the timing is really telling you in the moment - not what you WISH it was telling you.   These are very different things.   If y … [Read more...]

Stand Your Creative Ground With Others

Creative self expression can feel like a very personal risk, especially when you need to stand your creative ground with others. This exact feeling is what keeps so many people from fully diving into their creative passion or expressing themselves -- the fear of how to explain themselves to the world. The truth is you are absolutely not obligated to explain yourself to anyone regarding your creative pursuits, but will most likely need to stand your creative ground at a point when you least … [Read more...]

The Connection Between Clarity and Happiness

At the source of every challenge lies one simple question…how do you feel? Not what do you THINK, but how does a current situation/person/thing make you feel? It might seem like an over simplification, but let’s take a second to break it down. Feeling the Truth When you are unsure about how you feel, there is a sense of disconnectedness that makes you uneasy, frustrated and confused. This disconnectedness, even at a very minor level, can skew your perception of things, making you doubt you … [Read more...]

Move Past Judgment and Find Truth

Jumping to conclusions is a human pass time. We all do it, and it’s pretty easy to get there fast. I learned to do it at a very young age, and have spent the last five years reducing that reaction to an occasional slip up. I see so many people around me doing it for sport like there’s no tomorrow. In my younger years I thought it was just how people were supposed to act — it was what I saw everyone else doing. Now I just see right to the heart of what these judgments really reveal — insecur … [Read more...]

Cracking Open

We all get stuck. Usually you have an inkling about what’s buggin’ you, but distract yourself into thinking you don’t. Other times the "what"just keeps slipping out of your hands like a snake covered in baby oil. It slithers into the background out of sight, but you feel its presence, lurking in the shadows. Thoughts about the “what” keep you on edge because you don’t know when its finally going to peek out, tongue flickering, to make the big reveal. No way to prepare. And even though there is … [Read more...]