Dreaming With the E-Brake On: How We Unknowingly Limit Creative Options

  How do you define creative options for yourself?   As possibilities you hold in your heart?  Clear choices out on the table? Hobbies and weekend passions that spark creativity? A list of alternatives that serve as a back-up to well-orchestrated plans?   Or is it expressed as an automatic gut-inspired choice?   While there's no “one” way to see and act on the creative options in front of you, there's a well-worn way you often go about it - and your defa … [Read more...]

When Starting Over is the Only Option and How to Be at Peace with It

There are times, despite your best efforts, that starting over is the only option. Your mind has covered every angle. Your heart breaks with each fresh review of the “facts”. There’s no sign of things changing for the better, and your creative inspiration is as dried up as a stale cracker.   If things are looking (and feeling) charred and burned, succumb to sweet surrender. It's the first step to opening your heart for change.   But once you do, can you let things flow to fi … [Read more...]