Why It’s Time to Embrace the Unsexy Parts of Self-Expression and Creativity

  A flash of insight, the burning desire to create and an outpouring of deep, honest self-expression are definitely part of the creative process.   Also part of creativity...long hours, doubt, frustration, mundane tasks, starting over and feeling like you don’t know your own voice. This is not a bad thing, it’s just not...sexy. It's so much easier to live in the dreamy part of your vision!   Yet, embracing the unsexy parts of self-expression leads to more honest cre … [Read more...]

Mind Your Mouth to Empower the Way You Talk to the Mind, Body and Soul

  It’s not always easy to mind your mouth.   At times, thoughts or emotions racing through the brain can hijack your voice, prompting you to say something disguised as your “truth”. In other scenarios the mind shifts into default mode, leading you to share something that feels disconnected or flat. And let’s not forget how negative self-talk can weasel in when you already feel low.   Regardless of your personal experience, the specific words, tone and focus of self-t … [Read more...]

When Starting Over is the Only Option and How to Be at Peace with It

There are times, despite your best efforts, that starting over is the only option. Your mind has covered every angle. Your heart breaks with each fresh review of the “facts”. There’s no sign of things changing for the better, and your creative inspiration is as dried up as a stale cracker.   If things are looking (and feeling) charred and burned, succumb to sweet surrender. It's the first step to opening your heart for change.   But once you do, can you let things flow to fi … [Read more...]