Creative Friction Is The Gift You Never Knew You Wanted

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Yes, you are reading this correctly – creative friction is the gift you never knew you wanted.


I could give a speech about how every great writer, artist, and entrepreneur faces challenges or obstacles they need to overcome, but we’ve heard that one a million times. I can also share insights on the hero’s journey and the essential role it holds in making us the fully baked humans we are meant to be, but tons of other folks have already done it.


I want to highlight how creative friction shows us where we need to stand up for ourselves, and how we often shy away from doing so out of fear or resistance.


Creative friction touches spots that are raw, just under the surface, making us feel angry, frustrated and overly emotional. It dares to mirror things we don’t want to see, so we conveniently hide under countless self-induced distractions, dismiss our feelings, or shut down entirely.


It also nudges at our “not good enough” beliefs and insecurities in a way no other human being ever could. The mind uses our creative abilities against us to concoct stories filled with all of the worst case scenarios we believe may or may not happen at any moment. As our fight or flight reactions kick-in, we begin to feel like we have no power against our feelings, or “who” or “what” may be causing them.


These are just some ways we let creative discord or uncertainty stop us from taking that next step, or even trying at all. When we’ve already convinced ourselves there’s no way to get a different result, it’s easy to believe the worst in the outcome, and ourselves. And when we acknowledge that something is no longer viable as a plan, behavior, or way of life, we can confuse ourselves further by diving into mentally finding a solution, which scrambles our energy, focus and true desires.


The truth is, all of the “flare-ups” that come up through creative friction provide a gift by offering us one simple choice: Do I want more of the same in my life, or something new that honors the real me?


Simple Questions Aren’t Necessarily Easy To Answer, But Totally Worth It


When creative friction flares up, it’s easy to pile on the complexities. For example, a choice in one direction can bring up lots of fear or confusion, while a choice in another makes us feel like we are missing out. The way we feel about how a choice may turn out is what often keeps us in choice paralysis as tension builds, and we feel pressure to decide something, ANYTHING just to release it.


There is a way to make this scenario easier on us, and our hearts.


Consider this is both a reminder and permission: The only true choice required each day is towards what helps you stand up for yourself with love. This includes taking action on one (or any combination) of the following:


  • Personal, heart-felt creative beliefs and dreams
  • Lifestyle of choice
  • Anything that brings joy in the day to day
  • A path that lights the heart
  • Actions and thoughts that are honest and connected and truthful
  • Managing all practical life responsibilities
  • Making choices that support personal physical health and self-care
  • Connecting with loved family, friends and pets
  • Simple ways to practice self-appreciation and honor personal accomplishments


At times taking action is also an “ inaction”; allowing ourselves to be in the gray without feeling we HAVE TO know what to do. Answers need time to surface within us, or we may need to take a break from mentally trying to “solve” things, while disconnecting from the need to have TOTAL clarity right now. Instead open up to what is clear right now. Is it actionable? If the answer is “no”, than that’s a type of clarity, too.


Creative Friction Offers Up The Truth We Really Want Deep Down


Being our natural, truthful self causes discord within us AND between us and other people. It’s inevitable. The feeling also helps us to see and acknowledge things need to change in some way, and we are poised to grow. Growth of any kind makes everyone uncomfortable.


The way things are unfolding may not be on the timeline we want, or understand, but creative friction is the gift we are lucky to have along our journey. Without a need, or willingness, to ask deeper questions like “Is this what I really want?” we only scratch the surface of what’s possible.


When we feel challenged by our creative gifts, life purpose, or forget how to stand up for ourselves in our creativity or self expression, the presence of friction offers us an opportunity to check back in and go deeper, get more honest. In this way we can appreciate what shows up as a guide towards what we want to grow, or release, and stop feeding patterns that keep us choosing through the eyes of fear. Instead we can choose from a place of truth in the moment again and again, trusting the moment is enough – and stand up for ourselves within it.


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