Why It’s Time to Embrace the Unsexy Parts of Self-Expression and Creativity

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A flash of insight, the burning desire to create and an outpouring of deep, honest self-expression are definitely part of the creative process.


Also part of creativity…long hours, doubt, frustration, mundane tasks, starting over and feeling like you don’t know your own voice. This is not a bad thing, it’s just not…sexy. It’s so much easier to live in the dreamy part of your vision!


Yet, embracing the unsexy parts of self-expression leads to more honest creativity. Deeper realizations. A stronger bond with your work. An ability to heal old wounds and find new, more powerful ways to express yourself.


It also gives you a chance to grow beyond ways you may have become your own worst critic and naysayer.


If you sense you are putting limitations on yourself or what you are trying to do, write, sing, create, paint, or build for your business, it’s time to check-in.


Are you focusing on the dream, living in the energy of it without building the infrastructure? Do you avoid connecting with or expressing “messy feelings” that show up? Is your inner critic’s voice louder than anything else? Do you ask for advice, then get emotional or irritated when people offer suggestions?


If yes, read on. A deep, core part of you is feeling under-appreciated and unheard.


Create a Ritual that Allows Space for the Unsexy to Have Voice


For the record, I sometimes get really frustrated with the mundane parts of self-expression, too. It can be time consuming and messy, especially when I feel something I don’t understand (which happens to me a lot as an empath), or when I’m faced with doing something I don’t like or I’m afraid to try. Shhh, don’t tell!


In these moments I try to go for a walk, take time for myself, watch a show on Netflix or read to shift my focus for a while. However, this approach is reactive. I want to tap into deeper aspects of my self-expression as an ongoing practice.


To kick-start this process, I’ve recently begun a new ritual of meditating/card reading on Sunday evenings. On one hand, it helps me wind down and prepare for the week ahead. This downtime also gives me a chance to use my oracle card decks and peek into my personal energy before Monday kicks in, so I can get inspiration or insights on any “stuck thinking”.


I usually do a quick 5 minute meditation before I choose my cards. During my meditation this week, I saw the image of an adorable turtle. He was peeking his head just above the edge of a body of water, climbing out to greet me – very much like this little guy.


self-expression, creativity, turtle, pace, water


Clearly, turtles are not known to be movers or shakers. They are, however, creative, wise, deliberate, long-living creatures that go at their own pace. The turtle shell is seen in some cultures as symbolic of the heavens, the turtle body represents the earth, and the undershell signifies the underworld.


I laughed out loud at this symbolic image because I had been doing mental gymnastics around a business idea that wasn’t flowing and felt “off”. Seeing a turtle pop in like that reminded me not to force, but flow with the path, even if it’s boring or unsexy at times. I will know when it’s time to act and how, as long as I take the time to listen to my inner wisdom.


My new Sunday night ritual has provided an opportunity to tap into what’s flowing under the surface and give voice to it in a fresh way. In turn, this enables me to take notice and understand my own energy more thoroughly and release any stuck feelings.


Explore and Set Your Own Pace to Step More Fully into Honest Self-Expression


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Honor the wisdom of the turtle along with me. Your energy does not need to be lightening fast; self-expression has it’s own ebb and flow. When you are heart-centered, clear and grounded, you know when it’s time to take action and you will see and feel opportunities that resonate. There’s no need to burn energy hustling every moment.


The turtle also serves as a reminder to be patient and loving towards yourself and set your own mindful pace. Pressure to take action or avoid sharing deep, honest feelings, more than any other distraction, cuts into creative insights and momentum. It also creates “blank page syndrome” – when you aren’t sure how to tackle something so you table it, as fear and emotional resistance build around it.


The sexy and unsexy aspects of creativity pave the path of your fullest expression of self. It’s in the moments where shadows meet light that you heal, learn and grow into a wiser version of yourself in a more balanced way, just like the turtle.


Now it’s time to ask yourself…is there something you are afraid to face? Is there one thing holding you back in your life, business, creative work, and do you know why? How can you start your own ritual or fresh routine to listen more deeply to the root of it?


Interested in other ways to tap into creative gifts and explore new aspects of self-expression? Read Ever Listen to Music With Eyes Closed? How it Helps You Connect With New Dimensions of Intuition and Creativity. Need a little perspective on how to get creativity moving again? Connect with me for creativity coaching and intuitive guidance. Want more tips for tapping into your inner wisdom? Listen to my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment.