What Do You See as Barriers to Success? Why?

      Even when we are successful by a variety of standards, our mindset can continue to focus on barriers in our career, relationships, or life.   Some version of these questions might also pop into our head...   When will I be seen and noticed for my true value and talents? How will this get me closer to what I see as “making it?” What is wrong with me that I find it so hard to keep good friendships or relationships?   And so on… … [Read more...]

Walking the Line Between Creating and Producing as an Entrepreneur

  Walking the line between creating and producing as a creative soul can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Turning a creative talent into a rewarding, successful business can be the ultimate dream, as you step into the flow and share a piece of yourself with the world. It also means balancing all the requirements and demands of running a business while continuing to feed your passion.   The critical transition of transforming a creative gift or talent into a business brings yo … [Read more...]

Trying to Measure your Creative Worthiness? Stop It!

    Creative worthiness is something you are born with and doesn't need to look a certain way to be appreciated or valuable. But what happens when your creative expression is part of how you make a living? It can be a slippery slope of following your inspiration and balancing it with practical business goals.   This reality puts your creative worthiness under a bit of a microscope, right? The extra pressure and expectations that rise up when a creative project … [Read more...]

Are you Creating Boundaries or Self-Imposed Limitations?

As someone who used to have very thin boundaries and lot’s of self-imposed limitations, these two heavy hitters often get confused more often than you think. Word-wise the difference seems obvious. Boundaries are defined as self-protective, and limitations are defined as rules and restrictions. Whether you jump into creating a boundary or a limitation as a reflex is determined in those powerful moments when you sense things are getting uncomfortable, or as if your reputation and value may be o … [Read more...]