What’s Your Biggest Obstacle to Creative Wholeness?

  Exploring the idea of creative wholeness is one of my passions as a creativity coach, intuitive, and writer. So this weekend when I selected The World card from The Wild Unknown deck to kick off my Sunday meditation, it got me thinking about the concept in a visionary way.     I blog regularly about the idea of creative wholeness in its pieces, providing insights and ways to deepen a personal creative practice or mindset.  However, I was still drawn to writing … [Read more...]

Wisdom of the Leaves and Flowing with Change

  Hi there creative souls!   I'm heading out to visit family for a week on the east coast. I'm looking forward to the seeing the beautiful, colorful leaves and embracing a change of pace away from the computer as I catch up with friends and loved ones.   My travel plans will keep me from crafting blog posts for a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to a technology break and the chance to explore new creative insights I can share with all of you soon.   Go … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Tips to Identify and Tame Creative Distractions

  Playfulness and an open mind are key creative tools that fuel new ideas, and can also lure you towards interesting creative distractions. There’s a delicate balance you need to cultivate and hone that keeps you open-hearted and aware of new sparks of ideas, but at the same time disciplined enough to take consistent action towards something tangible.   It starts with truly knowing yourself and how to work with or avoid the little things that can easily turn a string of h … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Change Up your Creative Zone

  A creative zone can become as stale as anything else in life when it never changes. Routines and rules, while comfy, block out new stimuli that offer the extra fire you need to shake things up and create from a fresh point of view. The desire to stay in the same old patterns may also signal a little fear that can easily stay hidden for ages under well-worn grooves of familiarity.   If life isn’t already calling (or shoving) you towards some big creative changes in your life o … [Read more...]

Dancing with the Creative Shadow of Possibility

Dancing with the creative shadow is mysterious and alluring, like dabbling in magic without knowing the backstage insider tricks. Yet, it’s really just another aspect of you offering the ultimate invitation -- to dive in and enjoy the ride of creative self-discovery. The question is, are you curious enough (or frustrated enough) to jump in and see what the shadow has to offer? The creative shadow is the inner evolution of how you connect to your full authentic self, both the light and dark. Y … [Read more...]

Diminishing Creative Gains? Time for a Gut Check

Every creative has experienced a period of diminishing creative gains. You know what I mean -- it feels like you are producing a product or a result more than creating something beautiful from the heart, and it can start to weigh on you. Clients have needs (and demands) and since they are paying, they get first priority (says your mind). So when the line of creative joy and obligation are fully intertwined and your creative twinkle is waning, it’s time to hit pause and do a gut check. Stress, … [Read more...]