Honor the Change in Seasons by Reviewing Commitments, Then Redirect Creative Energy

  It’s easy to commit creative energy to something you believe is worthwhile. It’s not as easy to redirect creative energy between ongoing commitments, self-care and unfinished passion projects.   The middle ground between these two aspects is where you really feel the squeeze of unmet personal expectations around what you love to do, mixed up with the stress of deadlines and drudgery of plugging away. This sometimes challenging, unstable energy can push projects to the way … [Read more...]

Creativity and Little White Lies: Which Ones Are You Telling Yourself?

  It’s easy to take your natural creativity and skills for granted. As something that flows for you, there’s little risk and limited effort required to keep it going, and even less of a reason to put extra energy into it.   However, when natural aptitudes keep you in a plateau, operating at a status quo level, you are also protecting yourself from risk or judgment.   This is the spot where most people stay, kind of owning their creativity but not really willing to wo … [Read more...]

Waiting for Someone Else to Validate your Creativity?

Creativity is such a personal thing, a unique, individual expression of your deepest self shaped by life experiences, desires, hidden patterns and areas of healing. It’s this personal self-discovery process through creative acts that builds you up, tunes the creative voice and exposes your soft spots, showing you where the biggest areas of growth and joy can be found as you explore your path.   So in this very personal process, why do we often look for others to validate our creative w … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Stop Questioning Creative Timing and Listen

  Creative timing is one of the biggest influences on your creative path. Creative timing impacts when and if you do something, why, how easy or hard it can be and if your heart is in it or not.   With all these little bits of information influencing your effort and direction, it’s important to be clear on how to listen into what the timing is really telling you in the moment - not what you WISH it was telling you.   These are very different things.   If y … [Read more...]

The Direction of Your Life is Never Direct

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my life so far is that no matter what I think is the most “direct” way to experience or learn something, life has entirely different plans. But beyond this sentiment sounding like fodder for boring bumper stickers and endless motivational posters, there is a much bigger, often overlooked truth nestled in here. The direction of your life is never a direct, straight line so why do you expect it to be? You often don’t realize the limitations you cr … [Read more...]

Change is Inevitable; Expansion is Choice

Expansion. It’s a fun word because of all its potential implications. You can expand your business, your outreach, your waistline with multiple cookies, your horizons or…expand your MIND. They all sound like fabulous ideas (ok, maybe not ALL of them). But what does the term expansion really mean? By definition, expansion is the act of getting larger or spreading out; the condition of being expanded; dilation; enlargement. It also means the space through which anything is expanded; pure space. … [Read more...]

Are Expectations Killing Your Dreams?

Dreams are everywhere, in successful and failed companies, in happy marriages or crumbling ones, in thriving careers and celebrity rehab. Once upon a time each dream was fresh, bright and had so much promise; little specks of hope, creativity and great ideas all rolled into one. Then expectations begin to creep in, those small, seemingly harmless little seeds including: when, who, where, why and how -- just like the game of Clue. As they show up you find yourself weighing the expectations … [Read more...]