Change Up Routines, Refresh the Spirit

  It's spring time for me here in the US, which means I'm feeling a pull - a pull to change up my routines and refresh my spirit. I see it as an opportunity to shake off the winter mindset and look at things with the eyes and heart of a beginner as I go inward to reflect on what's next.    At the same time, I use it as a chance to review my habits and see if they are still serving me in positive ways. Habits structure our day and outlook on life, after all, which makes … [Read more...]

Nurturing the Creative Spirit in the Face of Criticism and Self-Judgment

The essence of your creative spirit is eternal. It’s a natural flow that moves through you; an effortless presence that doesn’t require work...until you add in criticism and self-judgment.   These emotional and/or mental blocks take away the power of the creative spirit and all it offers, leaving you with doubt and fear of what’s ahead and all the ways it may change you or your life. It starts as a seed that quickly spreads to your view of everything, leaving you feeling anxious or uns … [Read more...]

Savor the Moment to Enhance Creative Awareness

  Creative awareness isn’t something you do as much as something you experience by being able to savor the moment you are in, right now.   When you go about the day, your senses function on a basic level to help you survive, work, take care of family and fuel the body. If you also spend a lot of time at the computer or doing hands on work, only specific senses are required for focus and work tasks. In these situations, your realm of creative awareness is limited to survival, n … [Read more...]

Tuning into Creative Awakening as a Way of Being

  This week my family is visiting  from the east coast and I'm taking some time off to reconnect with them, replenish my spirit and continue my own creative awakening.   In lieu of writing something of my own, I want to share a part of a post that not only resonated with me but also reflects what I often echo in my blog about creative awakening as a life process, evolution and a way of becoming your true self.   I'll be back next Thursday to reconnect with all of … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Busting Through Creative Doubt

Creative doubt is the great equalizer. Everyone has faced tough choices that require deep clarity and courage, wondered if the path ahead is really the right direction or doubted if the opportunity to share the deep, beautiful creative parts of you in a way that’s meaningful and appreciated will ever materialize.   Maybe you’ve worked towards something all your life only to still doubt if it’s truly right for you, or keep pushing back against the small, faint voice in your heart by fin … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Change Up your Self-Care Practice

  A new season brings in fresh energy of a different flavor, which means how you spend your time on self-care changes, too. The weather shifts with the daylight and your focus becomes more inward or external depending on where you live around the world.   We all feel the itch, a fresh infusion of change as the earth does her thing, so why not join in the creative flow by switching up your self-care routine a bit, too?   Maybe you celebrated the most recent season by … [Read more...]

Change and Creative Realignment

  Change waits for no one - which is a very dramatic way of saying it’s a powerful catalyst in sparking the need for a little creative realignment.   The spark of change can feel…   Intense, frustrating and unfair - even terrifying when it’s forced upon you,   or...   Scary, overwhelming and intimidating when you are in charge of making the change for yourself.   However change comes into your life, it’s impact requires you do a bit o … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Identify and Release Background Noise

  When creative projects or brainstorming efforts hit a long-term lull, it might be time to consider the impact of a stealth culprit called background noise. This indirect distraction slowly builds up steam to form creative blocks, but has long-term staying power because the source of the “noise” is not always obvious to you.   The tricky part? It can take place inside your mind or in your physical space.   Background noise can take on four distinct forms: Negative sel … [Read more...]

What Does your Creative Caricature Look Like?

When you take a moment to tune in and think about it, you have a vision of what your creative self, or creative caricature, looks like.   Is it strong, sturdy and super hero-esque? Colorful, whimsical and playful? Royal and confident? Let’s not forget silly, giggly and mischievous…     You can also have a few unique creative caricatures that show up throughout the day on different projects or with specific clients, friends or family.   Is there a “normal” amount? Not … [Read more...]

Should You Follow or Release the Creative Noise in your Mind?

  Creative noise rattling around in your mind can be an inspiration or a frustration, a calling or a distraction. How can you tell the difference? Practice choosing.   The skills you build when you take the risk of making a “wrong choice” help you get more comfortable with taking chances and trusting yourself as you work through challenging situations. More practice, the better you get at feeling your truth in each choice rather than needing clear, mental approval and proof in … [Read more...]