Creative Fog is Natural and Necessary to Ignite Genuine Self-Expression

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Creative fog happens to everyone sooner or later.


It can feel like a spacey, fuzzy vibe that triggers the sensation of being ungrounded or floaty. Creative fog can also make us confused about what’s important, or unclear about what we feel inspired to create.


Sometimes we get locked into this smoky, hazy space by trying to mentally push our way through. We may also unknowingly pile on harsh self-talk, self-judgment, or experience anxiety or mood swings as our intuition alerts us that something is out of sync. The uncertainty can then trigger comparison behaviors and “should” thinking that comes in fast and furious. 


The fog, feelings, behaviors, and self-talk is all completely natural, and often mixed with the tingly sensation that something big is lurking, but has no shape, form, or purpose. It’s the space where anything is possible but nothing is tangible, which can feel very off-putting, especially when there’s no map to help.


While the what, how, where, and with whom is floating in the confusion, we do have something very powerful in hand – an opportunity to dig beyond the surface into the nooks and crannies, and ignite the most genuine self-expression possible. This is where we learn to tap into the power within and practice self-compassion through patience, while letting our most authentic, creative self free in the process. 


Each person gets through creative fog in a unique way because we assign distinct definitions to what this in-between, muddled energy means personally. The power lies in understanding the signs of our unique brand of creative fog, and what it’s trying to reveal. Then, allowing whatever comes up in the mind, heart and body to be OK, even if it makes no sense in the moment.


How we roll with the flow of our personal, unique creative cycles is part of how we take random pieces of inspiration and transform it into self-expression. Accepting the quiet, slow roll of letting things come to a boil is just as essential as taking action. And even if we know, or have heard it a million times, the most challenging part of creativity is embracing where we are in the moment, even if it feels super uncomfortable.


I see creative fog as a clear sign we need things to “bake” a bit more before rushing forward, even if we think the vision of what we are meant to create is good enough. Each time we move through this type of experience, we peel back more of our truth to reveal the raw, allowing it to be expressed. This is how we go farther than we ever thought possible with our creative gifts, and ignite genuine self expression in all we do.


We all need downtime to go within and reconnect, as much as we need to give ourselves time and permission for rejuvenation to see with clearer eyes and hearts. Let the creative fog wash over you and be with it. Ask it to reveal what you need to see and master, then listen with an open heart, eyes, and ears, as insight reveals itself when you need it most. 


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