Creative Fog is Natural and Necessary to Ignite Genuine Self-Expression

  Creative fog happens to everyone sooner or later.   It can feel like a spacey, fuzzy vibe that triggers the sensation of being ungrounded or floaty. Creative fog can also make us confused about what’s important, or unclear about what we feel inspired to create.   Sometimes we get locked into this smoky, hazy space by trying to mentally push our way through. We may also unknowingly pile on harsh self-talk, self-judgment, or experience anxiety or mood swings as our i … [Read more...]

Want to Get Out of your Own Head? Talk Out Loud to Yourself

Talking out loud to yourself is not just for movie scripts, when scary things lurk in the shadows and a blonde, scantily clad woman screeches out — Whoa there? It actually serves as a very useful tool in cutting through a steaming pile of mental goo. Thoughts breed on thoughts, and it's so easy to get wrapped up in your own web full of them. Most often you aren't even sure how they got started, but they quickly run over each other, creating an life-size hairball that requires serious me … [Read more...]