Creativity Kick-Start: Change Up your Creative Zone

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A creative zone can become as stale as anything else in life when it never changes. Routines and rules, while comfy, block out new stimuli that offer the extra fire you need to shake things up and create from a fresh point of view. The desire to stay in the same old patterns may also signal a little fear that can easily stay hidden for ages under well-worn grooves of familiarity.


If life isn’t already calling (or shoving) you towards some big creative changes in your life or the way you work right now, it may be time to challenge yourself by switching up your creative zone and the rules you’ve built around it.


Movin’, Shakin’ and New Dream Makin’


Modern work life has some standard requirements that guide the majority of ways people make money and/or build a career. While the internet offers up more information, freedom of connection and choice, this freedom is not without it’s own rules to “success” (and whatever that looks like to you).


To meet those requirements and still be able to express your creative self in a meaningful way requires you to be a bit crafty, and more importantly, aware of your own creative zone rules.


When was the last time you really thought about your creative zone, or in other words, the basic requirements you need in order for you to feel or be creative in your work or on personal projects?


It can help to do a little introspective review once a quarter. Here are a few simple things to ask yourself:


  • Is my space physically comfortable?
  • Are there lots of distractions?
  • What needs to be removed from my office, home, or space and am I willing to give it away or toss it?
  • Am I trying to do deep, soul searching kinds of work in a public place like a coffee shop?
  • Am I online 24/7 or do I take time to work offline?
  • What is the list of “must-have’s” I need in order to be open to creative inspiration? Do they need an upgrade or refresh?


These are some meaty questions, so be sure to take the time to disconnect for a bit and really  dig in to be honest with yourself about where you are right now . What was working may no longer be as supportive, and it takes time to not only recognize but honor this shift in awareness so you can step into something new and more invigorating, even if it’s scary.


simple creative zone changes, fresh flowers

Simple Creative Zone Changes and Upgrades


There are also simple ways to clear stale energy from your creative zone:


  • Change locations for work or creative projects – play with a few different ones to get a feel for them
  • Use different tools, or remove a tool you usually use and see what happens
  • Handwrite things first to brainstorm more freely or draw pictures about ideas you can fine tune later on the computer
  • Get up earlier to do something you love
  • Introduce yourself to new people or someone you admire
  • Listen to a podcast, Hangout on Air (HOA) or online radio show to get exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking from like minds
  • Take a walk in a different neighborhood or on a new trail or try an new exercise routine
  • Change your diet to match with what’s in season
  • Ask for help with brainstorming or with something you’ve been stuck on (even if it’s hard for you to admit you need some)

Even if you love what you do and wouldn’t change anything right now, there may be a time in the future when you are a bit burned out or feeling like creative energy isn’t flowing as passionately. A regular review of your creative zone can be very revealing and bring new insights to light that help you shift into the most creative version of yourself.


Have some great tips you would like to share with others? Please tell us. If you aren’t sure how to shift out of a stagnant energy cycle and need a little objective perspective, I would love to help. Just connect with me through a contact form.