Creativity Tourist Trap, a Crafty Mind Trick

  Creative flow leads you towards inspiration through feeling and intuition, but when the mind parks you at the same pit-stop for a while, you may actually be stuck in a creativity tourist-trap.   The place looks great and feels fun, but is actually serving as a distraction. The scenery and activities, while familiar in a comforting way, aren't motivating or inspiring you to actually do anything that feeds or expands your creative fire.   And yes, a pause is just as … [Read more...]

What is your Creative Currency?

    Creative currency is all the innate little gifts, insights, beliefs and abilities you have to share with the world. As much as each of these unique elements make us into wonderfully diverse people, it’s the expression of the gift, not the gift itself, that constitutes your special blend of creative currency.   For example, you can be a really good singer, but never sing (even when you are alone). Or, maybe you are a talented programmer who can write awesome t … [Read more...]