Tuning into Creative Awakening as a Way of Being

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This week my family is visiting  from the east coast and I’m taking some time off to reconnect with them, replenish my spirit and continue my own creative awakening.


In lieu of writing something of my own, I want to share a part of a post that not only resonated with me but also reflects what I often echo in my blog about creative awakening as a life process, evolution and a way of becoming your true self.


I’ll be back next Thursday to reconnect with all of you. Hope you enjoy this share!


To the creative spark in you – Katrina : )


“It’s time to embrace our creativity whatever that means for us. We don’t have to be Picasso or Beethoven to do this. No ‘talent’ is needed, no standards to be met.

Simply allowing ourselves to embrace the beauty of the natural world, the soulful look in an animal’s eyes or the gentle rise and fall of our sleeping child’s chest – all of these things and many more connect us with the creative beauty of the universe which forever demonstrates its awesome wonder even if we remain oblivious, head down, rushing through another day.

In this sense creativity is not something we do but a way of being. In appreciating the many shades of green in the springtime trees, the symmetry of reflection in a shop window, the love that went into a garden we pass, we align ourselves with the power of beauty which awakens the creative spirit.

Too often we are led to believe creativity requires talent, gifts and an end product whose worth is affirmed by others. In fact creativity is simply our body doing what it does to keep us alive and our heart reaching out to connect with the world around us.

This heart response to moments of beauty is our spirit rising up to be one with them, to claim its place in the creative dance of the universe.”


Sara Varcas, Astro-Awakenings – via Mystic Mamma


Photo credit: Johnathan Emmanuel Flores Tarello