Expressing Gratitude is Part of Honoring Hard Work

  The energy and effort that goes into creativity and self-growth is equally important to the gratitude you voice for yourself and others along the way.   When you take a few deep breaths and a mindful pause in deep gratitude, you: Recenter within the positive energy of what you've accomplished Gain clarity around how you feel about what you've created Understand where intuition is guiding you next, and follow it with ease   A moment of stillness also … [Read more...]

The Advantage of Creative Sampling vs Mastery

  Creative sampling isn’t often seen as a powerful strategy, but at times it can be even more powerful than mastery.   When you are hyper-focused on developing a core area of expertise it’s easy to tune out distractions or pieces of information that aren’t in alignment, but you might also miss important signs or insights about your chosen direction. On the other hand, if you are interested in learning more broad-based skills the discernment process is more complex. You play wit … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Change a Part of your Routine

A routine can be a double-edged sword at times. While it helps you focus creative energy and sustain momentum, it can also stall your creative flow when the routine never changes.   If you’ve hit a wall and aren’t exactly sure when it started, why not mix things up and change part of how you approach the work day, personal time or relationships with others?   Small, Mindful Changes Stretch into Big Awareness Huge sweeping changes may sound appealing when you want to shake loose anno … [Read more...]