Creativity Kick-Start: Write Down Top 5 Wishes Each Week

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Wishes are a fun, free way to engage your creativity and brainstorming fairy dust. They bring out the child in you who believes anything is possible, and knows something magical can happen at any moment. And that child is a good creative ally to have around!


Wishes are also an invitation to remove yourself from what you already know, and expand into how it feels to ponder the unknown without being fearful or specific about the “how”. All you need to do is show up and start daydreaming, then see what happens next.


Connecting with your Wishes Helps you Bust Through Tedium and Routine


The routines of life can easily dull your senses or make you too comfortable, blocking out the light, fun, expansive energy of daydreaming. Instead of connecting to your creative impulses and doing something with them, you simply zone out into a state of “blah”, watching the world go by but not really engaging in it.


By all means, veg out and take a break when you need it (you don’t always need to be active to be creative). However, if you often feel uninspired or unfocused, you might need a bit of “wish firepower” to get you back in tune with what you really want to create.


Wishing is the Ultimate Act of Expanding your Heart into What’s Possible


When you ponder and write down fresh wishes each week, you establish a regular practice of expanding your heart and acknowledging your creative self. It’s an invitation to look beyond the reality you can see only with your eyes, and tune into the one your heart is trying to show you, too.


Here’s a simple practice to get you started on writing your own weekly wish list:

  • Pick one day a week to write your wishes regularly.
  • Relax and tune in to your energy and inner rhythm before you write.
  • Find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted while you are writing.
  • Start with simple things to wish for and get used to the energy of the practice. Some examples: a free cup of coffee, meal with an old friend, a new client, an idea for a blog post, a winning lotto ticket.
  • Repeat a wish for something you really want each week, but do not use more than one from the previous week.
  • Take 10 minutes to experience what you’ve wished for with some visioning or daydreaming, and feel into why it would be so awesome if it came true.
  • Once you get used to the practice, start wishing for the bigger things, or things that seem a bit more “out-of-reach”.


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The fun part about this practice is the invitation you give yourself to honor your creativity in a different way. You are actively creating when you take the time to look within and connect with your desires, even if they haven’t come into being just yet. The act of a wish is a gateway that can help your creativity flow more freely in everyday life, especially if it’s made free of expectation.


So forget the magical genie in a bottle – there’s always a hidden catch you don’t see with those kind of wishes! The creative power of tuning into your wishes is way more meaningful and reinforces your own creative practice. If each day is going to be filled with to-dos, you might as well toss some wishes into the mix!


Need a little support with tapping into your creativity? Find that focusing on your creative projects is getting a bit challenging? Connect with me and we can dive into what might be going on behind the scenes. You can also download my Mini Guide to Connecting with your Inner Guidance and Creative Fire.

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