Ever Listen to Music with Eyes Closed? How it Helps You Connect With New Dimensions of Intuition and Creativity

  Music is one powerful emotional influencer. It inspires and uplifts. Helps us deal with tough times, break-ups and that pesky old baggage we need to heal and release. It brings us closer to understanding our life and emotions as we see ourselves through an artist’s eyes, and can also help alleviate feelings of loneliness and disconnection.   When we listen to music, we are no longer limited to a set of headphones hooked into a stationary stereo or record player. It’s on our p … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Listen to New Music

Music can be one of the best ways to fuel a creativity kick-start when you are feeling out of ideas or gearing up to tackle a big project. And while your trusty music library full of carefully cultivated playlists and old favorites can help do the trick, there is something about checking out new music that can infuse fresh energy into your creative attitude.   As an equal opportunity employer when it comes to music, I’m open to listening to anything once. When those first few notes h … [Read more...]

What Moves You?

What truly moves you at your core? This simple question stirs up a range of layers and answers so dynamic, unique and inspiring, it's possibly one of the most loaded questions a person can contemplate. But when you truly feel it in your soul, the experience of it beelines you to the heart of what makes you tick, acting as a window to directly connect you with your creative source. It's an amazing thing to witness in yourself or others, and the end destination is always a surprise. I can … [Read more...]