Explore The Roots of Your Creative Evolution

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When you think about it, each day is a step in our creative evolution. Between what we learn and release, what we practice diligently and pursue with passion, the talents we celebrate and the ones we ignore, and more, there are a variety of factors to play with and combine.


Each day also offers a chance for us to step into more of what we want, feel, and wish to express, which leads to our unique path of creative evolution.


As you’ve heard a million times before, it’s all about the journey and not the destination. It’s one of the biggest reasons why taking little pit stops as we grow and change are essential, giving us a chance to marvel at where our creative path has taken us, and where it’s leading us next.


It also gives us a way to view our creative evolution as an active participant and an observer.


Honoring the Natural and Unpredictable Magic of Self-Expression


creative evolution, creativity, thunderstorms, nature, self expression, clouds


I love thunderstorms. In Colorado we are striding into peak thunderstorm season. Each afternoon the clouds build, fill with moisture, roll over the mountains, then spill raindrops over the trees, plants and spring flowers, each awaiting a burst of liquid nourishment.


I’m always energized and inspired by how the bright light, big booming sounds, and wind join together to create something uniquely beautiful and unpredictable. I like to think of thunderstorms as nature’s creative magic at work in one powerful, amazing display.


Yet, storms don’t just happen without the right conditions to bring the necessary elements together. The clouds build and grow, collecting moisture. As they build, they get heavier and form dynamic colors and shapes, some deep dark grey and jagged, while others look like fluffy cotton balls. The clouds group together, building momentum and static electricity in the air through friction as they move forward, gaining strength. When the time is right they finally let go, releasing energy, beauty, swift change and nourishment – all at the same time…


…just like the unique path of our creative evolution.


Where is your Creative Evolution Leading You?


creative evolution, creativity, path, self expression, self growth, embrace your truth


Talent in hand from birth gives us a good start, especially if we are willing to embrace it and have the means to pursue it with dedication and tenacity. Each new piece of information builds on the next, as do the lessons we learn and the insights we gather. Over time, all of the creative joy, insight, challenge, and knowledge shapes itself into a storm of creative insights ready to spill over in a full, connected self-expression that feels rewarding, fulfilling and refreshing, just like a thunderstorm.


Then we rest to honor what we have accomplished, as we slowly begin to build new “clouds” once again.


At the same time, we can have creative interests that never move beyond a basic level for a variety of reasons – fear, settling, lack of support, financial priorities, lack of belief in ourselves. These energies hover over us, acting as an itch that never gets scratched. We sense potential, but fail to reach towards it or decide against it. We want the energy of the thunderstorm to swirl around us, sharing it’s energy and intensity, but equally fear what we would need to change about ourselves, or our current life, to really go for it, or allow it to unfold.


These thoughts and feelings keep us on the edge of the storm, watching as it passes us by, but keep us from feeling the rush of diving into the intense transformative powers. We also miss the crescendo of self-expression that enables us to go deep beyond the surface to reach our heart, and crack it open in ways we never dreamed.


When you look look at your own creative evolution, what do you see, feel, understand or regret? Are you taking time to honor what you have accomplished so far fully and completely, acknowledging it with your mind, body and spirit?


Do feel joy? Are you expressing your truth? Is there a path you want to explore that is calling to you? Is there a way to shift what you are doing right now into a deeper, more heart-felt way of being?


Most importantly, what do you want to change based on what you’ve learned and experienced, in order to grow towards one heck of a powerful light show?


Each step in our creative path leads somewhere, even if it’s not the path you intended. Stop, breathe, and take a deep look at where you are in life not from a career perspective necessarily, although that is helpful, but from the perspective of personal fulfillment and creative self-expression.


What is your creative evolution saying about you, to you, right now?


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